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Kevin Davis’s Girlfriend, April Edwards, Talks about Shooting

april edwards

(APN) ATLANTA — April Edwards returned to Atlanta to tell the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) what she witnessed the night her boyfriend, Kevin Davis, was shot and killed by Joseph Pitts, a DeKalb Police Officer.   Edwards and Officer Pitts are the only witnesses alive who know what happened that fatal night.  Up until this point, only the police […]

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FEATURE: The Many Eric Garners of Georgia

bou bou et al

(APN) ATLANTA — The police murders of Mike Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner of New York may be dominating national headlines–having inspired a diverse national movement against police brutality–but here in Georgia, there has been a long history of the same that has been equally as deserving of concern.   A TIMELINE OF POLICE BRUTALITY AND MURDERS   […]

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More Updates from Grady CEO

Over on APN is a story about a meeting held last week in East Atlanta at the First Iconium Baptist Church between Grady Health System CEO Michael Young, his staff, and about 30 activists, mainly representing the Grady Coalition. Below are some more revelations from the meeting that we did not include in the APN story. For example, Young said […]

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APN Releases Fulton County Commission Scorecard for 2014

(APN) ATLANTA — With big changes in store for the Fulton County Commission pending the outcome of the 2014 elections, Atlanta Progressive News reviewed nearly nine years of coverage of the Commission from the APN archives to develop a Fulton County Commission Scorecard for 2014, based on nine controversial votes.     As previously reported by APN, the Republican-led Georgia […]

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Fulton County’s Millage Increase Sets up Legal Clash with State

With additional reporting by Barbara Payne. (APN) ATLANTA — During a Special Called Meeting on Monday, January 27, 2014, Fulton County’s Board of Commissioners (BOC) approved a budget that raises the property tax millage rate by a 1.57 mill increase, in a five to two vote.     The budget includes a raise in the property tax rate from $10.28 […]

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Atlanta’s Redistricting Maps Changed Again- Map 6 Preserves Grady in Midtown

Today, the City Council of Atlanta decided to consider a Map 6, after numerous concerns were raised about Map 5. Many Midtown-area parents were concerned about Grady High School ending up in Atlanta Public Schools District 1.  APS’s six Board Member Districts mirror the City of Atlanta’s twelve Council Member Districts.  And Grady High School, under proposed map 5, was […]

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Dialysis Patients Abandoned by Grady Hospital Told One Year to Live

  (APN) ATLANTA — Twenty-three Atlanta dialysis patients’ lives hang in the balance, one year after the privatized Grady Memorial Hospital orporation decided to close its dialysis clinic and abandon its patients, now that a one-year contract that GMHC and a private clinic Fresenius had negotiated has expired. The contract expired August 31, 2011.  They were told that they could […]

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Grady Plans to Close Community Clinics, Fulton Opposes Closures

(APN) ATLANTA — The Grady Memorial Hospital Corporation (GMHC), the privatized, non-profit Board that took over management of Grady Hospital two years ago, has decided to close two community clinics, drawing the opposition of the Fulton County Commission and advocates, and heightening tensions between the County and the corporation. Atlanta Progressive News warned, when Fulton and Dekalb were considering privatizing […]

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