Monthly Archives: November 2022

APS’s Secretive Board Appointment as Esteves Elected to State Senate


(APN) ATLANTA – The nine-member Board of Education of the Atlanta Independent School System will appoint an individual to serve the remainder of the unexpired term for At-Large Seat 9, to be vacated by Jason Esteves on December 31, 2022.   Interested candidates must register by tomorrow, Tuesday, November 22, 2022 to secure admittance to the last mandatory orientation session […]

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Atlanta Redistricting Produces More White Majority Districts


Images by Adrian Paulette Coleman, Atlanta Progressive News; graphics by Department of Planning published pursuant to fair use doctrine; two graphics by Department of Planning with superimposed data by Adrian Paulette Coleman.   (APN) ATLANTA – On October 17, 2022, in a unanimous vote of thirteen to zero, the City Council of Atlanta adopted City of Atlanta Ordinance 22-O-1700 to change the […]

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