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Atlanta City Attorney Misled Council on Comcast Reports

nina hickson

  (APN) ATLANTA — City Attorney Nina R. Hickson for the City of Atlanta admitted in an email response to an inquiry from Atlanta Progressive News that her statement to City Utilities Committee on November 26, 2019, regarding the availability of Comcast reports was “incomplete.”   Hickson admitted her misleading statements, after it was revealed through an open records request […]

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U.S. Supreme Court Homeless Ruling Suggests Atlanta Laws Unconstitutional


  (APN) ATLANTA — A recent ruling by the Supreme Court of the U.S. calls into question the constitutionality of several Atlanta laws that criminalize homeless people.   Atlanta’s laws criminalizing urban camping (106-12), public urination (106-30), and monetary solicitation (106-85) each raise issues under the Eighth Amendment, which is the Federal Constitution’s prohibition on “cruel and unusual punishment.”   […]

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Lawsuit Seeks Civil Penalties for Atlanta for Records Violations


  Photograph of Fulton County Superior Court Judge C.I. McBurney.   (APN) ATLANTA — Atlanta resident and public access advocate Adrian Coleman has filed a lawsuit against the City of Atlanta on yesterday, Thursday, December 13, 2019, for violating the Georgia Open Records Act.   The City’s Law Department failed to respond to her open records request within three business […]

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Atlanta Council Cuts Former Officials to Two Minutes of Public Comment


  (APN) ATLANTA — After months of debate, the City Council of Atlanta moved forward on an ordinance to limit former elected officials to two minutes of public speaking time to address the Council.  Councilwoman Jennifer Ide (District 6) had been the proponent of the ordinance.   That means former Mayor Andrew Young, who on occasion addresses the Council, will […]

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Atlanta Council Bullied by Comcast, Ignores $216,000 in Overbilling


  (APN) ATLANTA — Comcast Cable got their way, with a unanimous vote of the City Utilities Committee of the Atlanta City Council on November 26, 2019; and by the Full Council on December 02, 2019, in support of 19-O-1598, approving a seven year Franchise Agreement with the City of Atlanta.   Numerous advocates, as well as the Atlanta Planning […]

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Atlanta Council Passes Buck on Single-Use Plastics in City Facilities

amir farokhi

  (APN) ATLANTA — The City Council of Atlanta wimped out this week on a proposal to ban single-use plastics, by gutting the legislation of any minimum requirements and delegating to the City’s executive branch the authority to decide which single-use plastics, if any, would be banned in city facilities like City Hall and the airport.   Rather than hold […]

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