Atlanta’s Redistricting Maps Changed Again- Map 6 Preserves Grady in Midtown


Today, the City Council of Atlanta decided to consider a Map 6, after numerous concerns were raised about Map 5.

Many Midtown-area parents were concerned about Grady High School ending up in Atlanta Public Schools District 1.  APS’s six Board Member Districts mirror the City of Atlanta’s twelve Council Member Districts.  And Grady High School, under proposed map 5, was going to move from Alex Wan’s Council District 6 and Cecily Harsch-Kinnane’s APS District 3–to Kwanza Hall’s Council District 2 and Brenda Muhammad’s APS District 1.  Basically, the Grady parents did not want to be taken out of Midtown.

Harsch-Kinnane, APS parent Janet Kishbaugh [who used to work for Councilwoman Anne Fauver], and Step Up Step Down member Ann McGlamary came to the Committee on Council to express opposition.

At the Full Council meeting, the Council voted to send the new Map 6 to Committe on Council and to hold a public hearing on Map 6.

The proposed maps thus far would have literally sliced Midtown right down the middle.

Currently, Council District 6, which currently has most of Midtown, would lose from 10th Street southward to North Avenue, which would be given to Council District 2.  As previously reported by APN, District 2 has grown significantly and currently has about 13,000 too many people.

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