Bond Granted for Latausha Nedd as New Details Undermine State’s Case


latausha(APN) JONESBORO, Georgia –– A Clayton County magistrate judge has granted bond to Latausha Nedd, the first victory in a case that raises serious concerns about free speech rights and the power of law enforcement and vigilantes to destabilize social movements by targeting activists.


Atlanta Progressive News previously reported that Nedd, a Clayton County resident with a long track record of social justice work in Atlanta, was charged with criminal solicitation and making terroristic threats based on commentary in videos posted online.


Details revealed during a bond hearing on October 23, 2015 shed new light on videos the State of Georgia is using to prosecute Nedd.


In an earlier hearing, prosecutor Sheryl Freeman and her key witness, Clayton County Detective Brian McKay, argued that Nedd aimed to galvanize viewers to violent action against White people, specifically White law enforcement officers.


During the bond hearing, Freeman screened two videos that had been emailed to McKay by an anonymous sender.


The first video was twelve minutes long and consisted of edited clips from numerous sources. Several clips came from private video chats with eight or fewer participants, including Nedd.


“Did she intend for [the video chat footage] to go viral?  Did she intend for it to be viewed by law enforcement?” Gerald Griggs, the defense attorney asked McKay.


McKay responded that he didn’t know, dealing a blow to the prosecution’s argument that Nedd’s commentary was intended to effect widespread influence.


It was clear that someone had hacked the chats, presumably Kevin Cook, a member of the right-wing vigilante group No Thiefs Allowed, who appeared in a clip himself.


In that clip, Cook films himself calling Nedd and badgering her.  Her voice sounded distressed as she demanded to know who he was and how he got her phone number.


“Cook hacked that screen and sent it out to the world.  Would that not be a crime?” Griggs asked, referring again to the private video chat.


McKay said he didn’t know.


“Are you familiar with Georgia laws concerning invasion of privacy?” Griggs asked.


McKay responded that he was, and that the hacker had potentially committed a crime.  He added that the Federal Bureau of Investigations is looking into the identity of the sender who emailed the videos to him.


Nedd’s father, Chauncey Nedd, described how his daughter had been provoked by hackers to make incendiary statements, during his testimony as a character witness.


Mr. Nedd had viewed one of the recorded video chat sessions in its entirety.


“The video started positive. She was advocating for Black-owned businesses and things like that,” Mr. Nedd said.


Things turned ugly when a voice interjected in the video conversation.


It was clearly not one of the intended participants because Nedd asked who the voice belonged to and appeared “visibly disturbed,” according to her father’s testimony.


The hacker provoked Nedd, using the N-word and other hateful language.  Nedd responded in anger, and some of her comments were included in the reel that was emailed to law enforcement.


Other character witnesses attested to Nedd’s outstanding community service.


“I always found her to be a vivacious, creative, passionate, compassionate organizer,” Dianne Mathiowetz, Vice President of the Board of WRFG radio, said.


Mathiowetz had worked with Nedd extensively on planning an annual event called Poor People’s Day.


Sandra Robertson, former Executive Director of the Georgia Citizens Coalition on Hunger, where Nedd was an employee, described her as a “justice-loving person,” and spoke about her talents as a musical and theatrical performer.


Judge Wanda Dallas granted Nedd bond set at seventy thousand dollars.  As a condition, Nedd cannot leave the State nor post anything online, and she has to abide by a curfew until her trial.


A trial date has not been set.




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    I say we kill this bigot in self defense……

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  • Ms. Nedd was provoked? She was provoked enough by words to have a gun and a machete in a video that advocates killing white people or “crackas” as she calls them and police officers. It’s funny after the clip was shown, associates of Ms. Nedd said it was for a movie. Also, her father committed perjury.

    • Blow me racist scum

      Racist white people call black people niggers and say they should die all the time online. Arrest those racist scum. Oh no. You’re probably a Klan member too.

      • They don’t advocate for the killing of black cops do they they don’t call for finding police that are new to the job and over powering them do they. Her statement of a hacked google chat is a lie if it was hacked and she was responding to these so called threats then why would she call for overthrowing rookie cops. She might sell her story well but most the country has more then a 10 grade education and won’t fall for such a lie.

  • “Atlanta Progressive News previously reported that Nedd, a Clayton County resident with a long track record of social justice work in Atlanta, was charged with criminal solicitation and making terroristic threats based on commentary in videos posted online.”

    I would love to see what constitutes a long track record of “social” justice? Did she shake down corporate donors like Tyrone Brooks did? Did she shake down corporations like the fake “Rev” Markel Hutchins did whenever someone of color dies in Atlanta? Oh no, she made a threatening vidoe on YouTube which qualifies her for a long track record for social justice. It’s easy to have a long track record in social justice when you don’t have a real job

    Eye Empress is a true hood rat and 110% ghetto.

    • I’m concerned about your ability to read critically, friend.

      You seem to have missed several paragraphs of the article that describe Ms. Nedd’s community work, including her real job at Georgia Citizens Coalition on Hunger, an established non-profit that’s been around for forty years.

      I’m forced to either assume you didn’t read the article or you’re deliberately ignoring facts in pursuance of whatever your personal agenda is.

  • Freedom of speech. There are worse things to be besides a hoodrat. Like a racist cracker devil. White people will pay for what they have done to blacks in America

  • I’m so sick of people like this “author” passing opinion as news, as well as excusing the obvious hateful drivel coming out of these so called “activists” giant mouths. This is disgusting and it needs to stop. If she were a white person saying the same thing about black people, he’d be the worse person in the world. But a black person? Nope that’s just fine. This is just your own prejudices against black folks, because you are acting as if they can’t abide by the same standards; you’re saying they can’t do better. It’s also holding whites to a higher standard, which gives the impression that you think whites should be held superior. Yep. You’re racist, regardless of your color.

    This racist nedd chick needs to be prosecuted, farrakan needs to be prosecuted, just as the 2 white college kids are being prosecuted for making threats in yikyak. It’s equality after all. But we all know equality is not the goal, it’s special treatment and considerations that is wanted.

  • Give me a break!! The so-called organization that she supposedly worked for doesn’t even have a working, active website. From what I can tell from another site, they haven’t done any real work for over two years. This lady be a hoodrat 110%. Remember, you can take the negro out of the jungle, but you still can’t take the jungle out of…

  • Latausha Nedd has the freedom of speech she spoke her mind she spoke the truth what more do you want white people have said and done worse

  • On Black Racism (for your JT, TJ, Luke, and Juliette)

  • Freedom of speech give you the freedom to threaten a whole race and a whole orginization. Sure she can do it, but there are consequences as she is finding out. Look up the definition of the charges she has been charged with before you turn this into a race matter of, well white people said and done worse… Give it break, she’s committed a felony and should go to jail like everyone else.

  • She should get jail time this is a terroristic threat against human beings including law enforcement.

  • There appears to be material Nedd posted on YouTube as cause for the arrest last Sept. 24. Not much media follow-up on further development. Nothing but people taking racial sides. Although I thought an identifiable threat against a specific target was a necessary element in crimes of this type, the exact law on this in in Georgia, and how it’s to be applied to the sequences of events in question, is what matters. Racist police and judges may have influence but cannot hunt and jail at will; without more information the relative merits of the case remains unclear. Especially when it comes to making an imputation of racism. The current conflict on race and its BLM activities probably won’t achieve what the black movement wants as the approach taken seems far from optimal for winning hearts and minds.

  • Harrison Zayre

    She guilty as hell though. And these same wutch knucks getting her off charges gone soon be doing the same to get others off charges, and ya’ll not gone like that. She stupid and she racist! I gots white fam, and law enforcement fam.
    I do not like or associate with folk like this Nedd because she is just no damn good no how!

  • I was there, watching and commenting on the LIVE STREAMS that Latausha Nedd (aka Eye Empress Sekhmet), Black Supreme, and Palmetto Star streamed live. Every one of their many streams that I watched were PUBLICALLY ACCESSIBLE.
    This is how it happened: Nedd, Black Supreme and Palmetto Star would get together and stream themselves live through Nedd’s Google account ( it’s called a ‘Google hangout’ or some such crap).
    Black Supreme synched these Google hangout streams to his PUBLIC YouTube channel. The Google Hangout streams would play live on his YouTube and while they were broadcasting themselves they would read the comments that we were posting to Black Supreme’s YouTube. I mention this specifically to make sure it is VERY CLEAR that Nedd knew it was all being aired PUBLICLY through YouTube. She knew we were watching, commenting to, and recording what they were broadcasting.
    I actually have footage of Black Supreme addressing me in response to one of my comments that I posted to his channel one of these broadcasts. This footage is accessible on my own YouTube channel (channel name is SprayCanAnn). The footage available on my channel is only a small portion of what I recorded.
    I am posting this because Nedd’s defense is all lies. Her Google account was not hacked, her info was available on her PUBLIC Google account and their live broadcasts were PUBLICALLY accessed on a PUBLIC YouTube channel.

  • Ann Stafford I only found SprayCanAnn as our something like that, buy no videos of this woman, post the link please

    • What happened in her case? I can’t find where a verdict was reached or a sentence. Can’t believe it just dead-ends with no posting!

  • Having difficulty finding info on how this case turned out. Any help?

  • WOW! Amazing how you ignored other actual videos, public statements, witnesses of her own communities that shed light on just how hateful and evil this woman is!! Not a thing about the 4 yr old she abused, either. Can you get any more biased?! What a shameful rag you are! She was arraigned, since your whitewash, and case is pending. You do yourself, and especially good, hardworking, successful Black communities NO GOOD!

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