Michael Williams’s Deportation Bus Hits a New Low in Republican Primary for Governor


williams bus(APN) CLARKSTON — On Wednesday, May 17, 2018, Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Michael Williams, a State Senator from Cumming, Georgia, rolled into the cities of Decatur and Clarkston with his huge “Deportation Bus,” containing racist and hateful messages on the back of the bus: “Murders, rapists, kidnappers, child molesters, and other criminals on board….follow me to Mexico.”


Clarkston, Georgia is the most diverse square mile in the U.S., with refugees from all over the world exposed to this shameful display of ignorance and xenophobia.


Williams’s campaign website claims that his bus tour of sanctuary cities will visit Georgia’s allegedly most dangerous sanctuary cities: Clarkston, Decatur, and Athens.   


Sen. Williams must think that Georgia is such a backward, racist state that his message will propel him into the Governor’s office, but others think that Georgia is better than this.


It seems to be a race to the bottom in the Republican Primary for Governor.  Secretary of State Brian Kemp has attracted national disgust after he released a campaign commercial featuring him menacingly pointing a gun at a child.




Not to be outdone, former Sen. Williams sees Kemp’s red meat and raises him a deportation bus: a new low even for a Georgia politician.


Over three hundred Georgians turned out in Clarkston to say NO to this uneducated and mean spirited message.  


Williams, the fearless conservative, gave a private interview with the news media from inside the comfort and security of this luxury recreational vehicle that accompanied the bus.


The people outside chanted, “No hate!  No fear! Immigrants are welcome here.”


“The facts show that in our two communities, that he is targeting today, that immigrants actually made our communities more safe.   The facts are that when the refugee resettlement and immigration went up in Clarkston and Decatur the crime rate went down,” Ted Terry, Mayor of Clarkston, told APN.


“Clarkston made the list of the top safest cities in Georgia in 2017 and his [Williams’s] hometown of Cumming, Georgia did not make the list,” Terry said.


“He was here to campaign and not to learn or build bridges.  It was very distasteful,” Terry said.


There is no evidence undocumented immigrants commit more crimes as Williams, and President of the U.S. Donald Trump, wants everyone to believe.   


Numerous studies have shown that immigrants commit crime at far lower rates than native-born people, according to the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies.


Research suggests that undocumented immigrants are less likely to engage in serious criminal behavior because they seek to earn money and not draw attention to themselves, according to Oxford Research on Criminology and Criminal Justice.


The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute in a 2015 report found that over 60,000 new immigrant business owner in Georgia contributed a net 2.9 billion dollars in business income in 2014.


Georgia industries welcome immigrants who work in agriculture, poultry processing, manufacturing, warehousing, tourism, and hospitality.   They contribute over nine million dollars to Georgia’s economy.


Williams had planned 27 stops in Georgia that he considers “Sanctuary Cities,” or areas with high immigration, before the May 22, 2018 primary.   


In Decatur, one car with a huge Confederate flag, carried a few William supporters.


“We are here to protest the Sanctuary City policies of Decatur and Clarkston who want to harbor criminal illegal aliens who commit violent acts of crime like murder and rape,” Paul Maner, a Williams supporter, said.


“In 2018, it’s a shame that we are still having to talk about racism and bigotry… this cannot be normalized.  We have to stand with our immigrant brothers and sisters and let it be know that discrimination and racism has no place in Decatur or in Georgia,”  Marquese Averett, Clean Energy Program Manager, Sierra Club, said.


Immigrants and refugees come to the U.S. for many reasons: to escape persecution, violence, war, or poverty; or to seek jobs, more opportunities for their children, or family reunification.


“People come to the U.S. because they are refugees of the conditions the U.S. is causing in their countries from Mexico southward.  They are responding to the destruction of their economies,” Adrian Bernal said, speaking in English and Spanish to the crowd.


For example, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), supported by both Democrats and Republicans during the Bill Clinton administration, dumped cheap U.S. corn into Mexico and destroyed many communities where smaller-scale farms grew corn.  Many rural farmers could not compete and had to move to Mexico’s urban slums or to the U.S. to survive.


A poll on the governor’s race puts Williams at three percent at the bottom of the Republican candidates.


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  • Here are some facts mixed with opinions/

    World WAr 2 created many refugees and this is where the IRC was started. The IRC and World Relief are resettling a few thousand refugees in apartments in the city of Clarkston.These number about 12. They also help people into some houses although I do not know the number. The term to use is political refugee which as a legal protection and means they are fleeing war or acts of perfection.

    Western Sahara, Burma, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan and some others have al produced legal political refugees or are producing them today.

    Back in the 1960’s during the Cuban upheaval Cuban refugees were helped at First Decatur Baptist

    We cannot allow secret goon squads to patrol they must be put out of existence

    On the other hand there are real limits on the occupancy rate it stand now at 94%,.52 million need jobs, food and other help.
    we also need to remember the hideous discrimination that happens in 1 ethic group vs the 2nd such as in Burma against Karen as well as Rohingya. Ann in Western Sahara with Morocco

  • Latonia Angervil

    My ex was illegal and told me that he was here on prtectective status and the governement knew he was here. He failed to tell me that he was pending and still pending a deportation. After we married, within 4 months, I caught him forging my signature on USCIS forms when I confronted him, he said, “You’e got me fucked up, I did what I had to do.” I tried to annul the marriage but I had missed the deadline. He confessed he did sign it but didn’t mail it out. The following year, I checked the mail (now I know why he always wanted to get the mail himself), and saw that he had applied and got approved for an I-130 I was livid! PISSED. Now, after being threatened by his belated’s in laws, he ordered passports for his kids..like…?!?!?! WTH?!!! He was just going to leave me! Just up and leave with the kids!. Then, suddenly out of the blue, tried to say that I was abusing them. Just less than a month ago I was the best thing since sliced bread. Now, I’m abusing you guys? OMG! THEN! He tried to set me up by provoking an argument, recorded it and the next day took it to his immigration atty, THEN –(the idiot) had the nerve to text me that he did it. SETUP TO SAY THAT HE WAS ABUSED. There’s only 3 ways they can stay

    Have a Greencard or
    Via your Spouse

    Since he had neither, he tried to throw me under he bus. Dirty DOG! Then We had a $700K settlement, he said I’ll make the deposit, just sign it and I’ll be back. The Bas*ard made the deposit, but moved it all to a secret account the next day …THE POLICE says it isn’t illegal. So, he got away with everything. Leaving behind trails of financial debt bc of his lies and scams. I hope I.C.E. pick his behind up and ship him under the ocean right back to the swamps from which he came. If there’s ANYONE that knows an atty that can help me. EMAIL ME.

    HA! So convenient. He’s a real AHOLE and I need the best atty in Georgia to SUE HIS HAITIAN A$$! So yes the hell they do come with crimes, trickery and schemes.

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