Letter to President Obama on the Egyptian People and Government


Open Letter to President Obama,

President Obama, how much longer are you going to sit on the fence and watch the Egyptian people suffer and their economy destroyed? Mubarak needs to leave now – not later. I urge you to withdraw US financial support and ask Mubarak to step down now for the sake of Egypt and the Egyptian people.

How much longer must the Egyptian people demonstrate and demand Mubarak to leave? The world does not want this chaos and drama to continue and grow larger and more dangerous until thousands of people are killed.

It is not in the self-interest of the Egyptian people, the people of the US, the Israeli people, the Palestinian people, nor the people in the Middle East for the US government to continue supporting Mubarak or the Zionist apartheid policies of Israel.

The US government’s words support democracy but the US government’s actions support dictators. US aid to corrupt, repressive governments buys guns, bullets, tear gas, and bombs, which kill civilians. These contradictions will eventually erode all trust of the US and our influence in the Middle East.

Too many have watched for too many years Israel violate international laws, steal Palestinian land, destroy Palestinian homes, kill Palestinian civilians, and when the Palestinians fight back, Israel plays the victim role on the international stage.

Israeli has a right to exist in peace but they have to end their occupation of Palestine, end their apartheid policies, and remove their illegal settlements. It is past time for the US to become a fair peace broker instead of a Zionist enabler.

President Obama, you would be best advised to listen to the Egyptian people and the Israeli peace movement. Give our tax dollars to the people in Egypt and the peace groups in Israel, not their governments.

The Israeli/Palestine issue is at the core of the US rotten apple policies in the Middle East which have caused so much death and destruction. It is the unresolved issue which contributed to the blowback attack on 9/11, which led to the illegal US attack on Iraq, as well as US support for dictators in the region with the resulting revolutions spreading over the Middle East.

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