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APN Editor Sues City of Atlanta for Closed-Door Briefings

  (APN) ATLANTA — The News Editor for the Atlanta Progressive News–the present writer–has filed a lawsuit against the City of Atlanta, to bring openness, public access, and transparency to the City Council of Atlanta’s seven closed-door, private Committee Briefings which occur every two weeks. The case number is 2011CV200639 and is before Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter. […]

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Rev. Lowery Sues over North Fulton Cities, Claims Black Vote Dilution

This article first appeared on The Beacon website at: http://www.beaconcastmedia.com/news/-Rev-Lowery-Sues-over-North-Fulton-Cities-Claims-Black-Vote-Dilution-2887 (APN) ATLANTA — Rev. Joseph Lowery, one of the few remaining veterans of the Civil Rights Movement who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, has joined with the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus and several Black residents of North Fulton and Dekalb Counties, to challenge what has been the creation of […]

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Attorney General Reprimands Savannah for Non-Quorum Meetings

(APN) ATLANTA — Attorney General Sam Olens’s office criticized the City Council of Savannah this month for having a series of meetings without quorums, and not allowing the public to attend. The practices of the Savannah Council are quite similar to practices that the City Council of Atlanta has been engaging in, as documented by Atlanta Progressive News over the […]

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EDITORIAL: Article Did Not Cause Lower Eagle Pay-Outs

(APN) ATLANTA — In previous editorials I have written about the interrelationship between media and society.  While the theory of objective media purports that reporters are to sit on the sidelines observing society, in fact news outlets are a part of the society they cover.  One sign of a healthy media is when news articles impact a situation by raising […]

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