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End of 2013 Georgia Legislative Session Wrap-up

  (APN) ATLANTA — The Georgia General Assembly wrapped up the 2013 Legislative Session on Thursday, March 28, 2013, the fortieth day of the session.   During the Session, where Republicans fell just short of a supermajority in the State House, Republicans continued to push legislation to further their extreme right-wing agenda.     This year, Republicans in the Legislature […]

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House Bills Would Reshape, Reform Fulton County Commission

(APN) ATLANTA — There are three bills concerning Fulton County currently pending in the Georgia Legislature that would drastically reshape the County’s governance structure, tax base, and employee benefits to meet the wishes of North Fulton Republicans, while a fourth bill threatens to break off North Fulton and re-form Milton County. House Bills 170, 171, and 172 deal with reforming […]

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