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Income Tax Cap Referendum, if Passed, Takes Progressivity Off Table

With additional reporting by Matthew Charles Cardinale  (APN) ATLANTA — This November 2014, Georgians will have a chance to vote on a Constitutional Amendment ballot referendum that will cap the income tax at its current level of 6 percent.     The referendum title is simple enough: “To prohibit an increase in the state income tax rate effect January 1, […]

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Medical Cannabis Bill Fails to Pass Georgia Legislature

  (APN) ATLANTA — On Thursday, March 20, 2014, the last day of the Georgia General Assembly, the medicinal cannabis oil bill, HB 885, failed when the Assembly adjourned for the Session without passing the bill.   The night was filled with hope for dozens of parents and other activists who lobbied at the Gold Dome, but ended with deep […]

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State House Committee Holds Hearing on Medical Cannabis

  By Christopher Eichler, Special to The Atlanta Progressive News   (APN) ATLANTA–It was standing room only for the State House of Representatives Health and Human Services Committee debate of HB 885, Georgia’s medical cannabis, or marijuana, bill.   The entire room was filled with doctors, neurologists, activists, and parents, all present to give testimony to more than twenty State […]

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