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APN Releases Fulton County Commission Scorecard for 2014

(APN) ATLANTA — With big changes in store for the Fulton County Commission pending the outcome of the 2014 elections, Atlanta Progressive News reviewed nearly nine years of coverage of the Commission from the APN archives to develop a Fulton County Commission Scorecard for 2014, based on nine controversial votes.     As previously reported by APN, the Republican-led Georgia […]

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House Bills Would Reshape, Reform Fulton County Commission

(APN) ATLANTA — There are three bills concerning Fulton County currently pending in the Georgia Legislature that would drastically reshape the County’s governance structure, tax base, and employee benefits to meet the wishes of North Fulton Republicans, while a fourth bill threatens to break off North Fulton and re-form Milton County. House Bills 170, 171, and 172 deal with reforming […]

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