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Mayor Reed Chooses Shadiness over Sunshine for Your Tax Dollars

By Ben Smith, Staff Writer With additional reporting by Matthew Charles Cardinale (APN) ATLANTA — In yet another vicious attack, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed accused City Councilwoman Felicia Moore (District 9) of a engaging in a “naked power grab” in her quest for access to the City’s Oracle database, which contains the financial transaction data for the City of Atlanta. […]

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Part 2: City Misportrayed AG’s Advice on Airport Records

(APN) ATLANTA — The City of Atlanta Department of Law misrepresented to City Council Members the advice provided to them by the office of the Attorney General of Georgia related to airport concessions bidding records and the Georgia Open Records Act. At issue was whether the scores for the various food and beverage and retail proposals submitted to the City […]

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BREAKING: Atlanta Violated Charter with Closed Airport Bid Process

  (APN) ATLANTA — The Fulton County Taxpayers Foundation is preparing to challenge the City of Atlanta’s bid selection process and the final bid selections–approved on Tuesday, January 03, 2011, by the City Council–in court, Atlanta Progressive News has learned. The Foundation seeks to overturn the bid selections on the basis that the City did not observe its own bidding […]

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