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EDITORIAL: Dear GPJC, Our Coverage Is Not for Sale

September 27, 2014   Dear Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition,     Atlanta Progressive News is in receipt of an unsigned letter on your organization’s letterhead appearing to be from your organization, dated August 30, 2014, asserting the “termination” of GPJC’s advertising contract with APN.     As you noted, GPJC has advertised with APN for several years.  GPJC has […]

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Mary Norwood Challenges Watson for Her Old Council Seat

(APN) ATLANTA — Former City Councilwoman Mary Norwood (Post 2-at-large), who ran for Mayor of Atlanta in 2009 and attempted to qualify as an independent to run for Fulton County Commissioner in 2010, is running for her former City Council seat.     Norwood qualified yesterday, August 30, 2013.  The seat is currently held by Councilman Aaron Watson.     […]

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BREAKING: Simms Out at Atlanta Housing Authority

(APN) ATLANTA — Barney Simms, the number two smiling face behind mass demolition of public housing and mass displacement of low-income residents in Atlanta, is no longer working at the Atlanta Housing Authority, Atlanta Progressive News has learned. Simms began as a critic of AHA and went on to hold the position of Vice President for External Affairs, doing most […]

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