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APN Candidate Questionnaire: Erika Estrada, Atlanta Council District 3

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(APN) ATLANTA — In our continuing coverage of the 2021 City of Atlanta Municipal Elections, this article presents Atlanta City Council District 3 candidate Erika Estrada and her responses to the Atlanta Progressive News candidate questionnaire.   Estrada is a certified CPA and small business owner who previously ran for the District 3 seat in the March 2019 Special Election that occurred […]

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Amos Seeks District 3 Council Seat, Would Introduce Progressive Ordinances (UPDATE 1)

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Photograph across from stadium by Matthew Charles Cardinale, News Editor, Atlanta Progressive News; additional photographs courtesy of Amos campaign.   (APN) ATLANTA — Byron Amos, the former District 2 Board of Education Member for Atlanta Public Schools who was in a March 2019 Special Election Run-off for Atlanta City Council District 3 with current incumbent Antonio Brown, is running again for the […]

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APN Candidate Survey: Kelly-Jeanne Lee, District 1, Atlanta Council

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(APN) ATLANTA — In our continuing coverage of City of Atlanta 2021 Municipal Elections, Atlanta Progressive News has been sending out questionnaires to candidates.     APN has been covering Atlanta’s municipal elections since the 2009 Municipal Election.   Kelly-Jeanne Lee, a political newcomer who is running for the District 1 seat being vacated by Carla Smith, was the first to […]

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Bond, Boone Most Progressive on Atlanta Council, per APN 2021 Scorecard

bond surplus property

(APN) ATLANTA — Four months ahead of the 2021 Municipal Elections, Atlanta Progressive News has released an updated Atlanta City Council Scorecard, providing numerical scores for all fifteen voting members of the City Council, based on dozens of specific scored votes.   The Scorecard is available as a public Google Spreadsheet here:   Atlanta City Councilman Michael Julian […]

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Atlanta Moving Forward on Eminent Domain Park, despite Pending Appeals (UPDATE 1)


With additional reporting by Matthew Charles Cardinale.  Photograph by Adrian Paulette Coleman.   (APN) ATLANTA — On Thursday, June 04, 2021, with little to no fanfare, the City of Atlanta’s Department of Watershed staked a six-foot sign announcing the “Peoplestown Storage Vault and Park Project”, on the site where, by the the time project is completed, an entire block of […]

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APN Interview with Clarence Blalock, District 1 Candidate for Atlanta City Council


Photographs by Adrian Paulette Coleman, Atlanta Progressive News.  With additional reporting by Matthew Charles Cardinale.   (APN) ATLANTA — With the Atlanta City Council District 1 race wide open following the announced retirement of incumbent Councilwoman Carla Smith (District 1), several political newcomers have entered the race, including Clarence Blalock.   Prior to Smith’s announcement, Blalock told Atlanta Progressive News […]

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Court Declares Feb. 2020 CD/HS Minutes State in Error that Vote Occurred


(APN) ATLANTA — The official meeting minutes of the February 11, 2020 Community Development/Human Services Committee Meeting of the City Council of Atlanta erroneously state that a vote occurred, when in fact a vote did not occur, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Kelly Lee Ellerbe declared in a May 20, 2021 Order.   Court Order:   Atlanta Progressive News’s […]

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Atlanta Council District 1 Race Wide Open after Smith Retires (UPDATE 1)


Images published for educational purposes pursuant to Fair Use doctrine.  Image of Clarence Blalock by Adrian Paulette Coleman, Atlanta Progressive News.   (APN) ATLANTA — The Atlanta City Council District 1 race is wide open after longtime incumbent Councilwoman Carla Smith announced her retirement in a letter to constituents.   “Twenty years as your City Councilperson: I will reach this […]

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“Third Parties” Score Court Victory in Georgia Ballot Access Case brought by Libertarians

leigh may

(APN) ATLANTA — “Third party” candidates, or what in Georgia law are called “political body” candidates, scored a major court victory on Monday, March 29, 2021, when U.S. District Court Judge Leigh Martin May ruled in favor of the Georgia Libertarian Party, Libertarian voters, and Libertarian candidates who argued that Georgia’s restrictive laws make it far too difficult for anyone […]

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Editorial: Facebook is Disney’s Ursula, Stealing Our Voice and Putting It in a Shell


    Image of Disney’s Ursula published for educational purposes pursuant to fair use doctrine.   (APN) ATLANTA — Remember Disney’s The Little Mermaid?  There was an evil sea monster named Ursula.   Ursula the sea monster convinces Ariel, the mermaid, to exchange her voice for legs to walk on land.  Ariel sings; and as she sings, her voice physically leaves her […]

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Councilwoman Winslow Insults Commenter on Hot Microphone

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(APN) ATLANTA — Atlanta’s longest-serving current Councilmember, Cleta Winslow (District 4) continued to demonstrate her contempt for members of the public, when late last year she was caught on a hot microphone insulting a woman making public comment.   During the November 10, 2020 City Utilities Committee Meeting, Councilwoman Winslow could be overheard sighing and making derogatory remarks as public […]

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NPU Secures Deep Affordability Option in Atlanta Housing Policy


(APN) ATLANTA — On Monday, March 15, 2021, the City Council of Atlanta approved City of Atlanta Ordinance 20-O-1729, requiring affordable housing to be included in new housing developments surrounding the Westside Park that is currently being developed.     Due to neighborhood advocacy, the policy–known as an “Inclusionary Zoning policy” (IZ)–expands the definition of affordability to include truly affordable, or […]

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