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Republican Bill Would Require State Approval for Federal Funds

scot turner

(APN) ATLANTA — As the Georgia House Appropriations Committee gears up to tackle the state budget and the transportation bill that will no doubt dominate this legislative session, a bill worthy of note is on the committee’s back burner––where cities and counties hope it will stay.   The Fiscal Accountability Act, introduced by State Rep. Scot Turner (R – Holly […]

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USDA Declares Georgia’s Food Stamp Drug Testing Law to be Illegal

(APN) ATLANTA — We told you so.  As it turns out, State Rep. Greg Morris’s (R-Vidalia) House Bill 772–requiring food stamp recipients to be drug tested if a state worker had a so-called “reasonable suspicion” that the recipient might be using drugs–is illegal.    Food Stamp caseworkers are not trained to detect drug use and “reasonable suspicion” is not defined. […]

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