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Kirkwood’s Champion White Oak Unable to be Saved from Developers (UPDATE 1)

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(APN) ATLANTA — The three hundred years-old Champion White Oak was the first tree, of forty healthy trees, to be cut down last week at 145 Norwood Avenue in the eclectic Kirkwood community to make room for eleven new homes, on Thursday, October 15, 2015.   A miracle did not happen in time to save the Champion White […]

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Profits Over Trees in Kirkwood, as Ancient Trees to be Cut Down


(APN) ATLANTA — An ancient forest of over forty healthy trees, including six white oaks from 150 to 300 years old, are scheduled to be cut down for eleven new homes in the Kirkwood neighborhood.   The nutrient-rich old growth topsoil has already been bulldozed up and next the trees will be cut down, barring a miracle.   The developer, […]

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DeKalb’s Oldest Oak Tree Faces Developer’s Removal Request


Photograph by Judy Conder (APN) ATLANTA — A 2.54 acre empty lot in Atlanta’s Kirkwood community at 145 Norwood Avenue is home to some of DeKalb County’s oldest and largest white oak trees, including one that is believed to be the oldest in the county, possibly the state.  Now, the tree and its sister trees face a developers’ removal request, […]

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New Mature Trees Planted at Buckhead Atlanta Development

By A. Scott Walton, Special to The Atlanta Progressive News (APN) ATLANTA — The brand new Buckhead Atlanta mixed-use development is set to feature a substantial planting of new, mature trees.     The swooping cranes that languished in states of non-productivity for years have come down; and the six-block assemblage of upscale boutiques, restaurants, and condominiums is poised to […]

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