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FEATURE: In San Antonio, Anthony Hill Would’ve Been Helped, Not Shot

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This article is the first in a two-part series.  Atlanta Progressive News traveled to San Antonio, Texas, in order to learn about the social services model they employ in dealing with mentally ill citizens.   (APN) SAN ANTONIO, Texas — When San Antonio, Texas, police officer Ernie Stevens heard about the police shooting of Anthony Hill in DeKalb County, Georgia, […]

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Couples Sue Georgia over Same-Sex Marriage Ban

(APN) ATLANTA — On April 22, 2014, Lambda Legal Defense, a national legal organization, filed a federal class action lawsuit in Atlanta on behalf of seven Georgia residents and others who are injured by Georgia’s same-sex marriage bans.     Georgia’s legislature banned same-sex marriage in 1996.  Then, just to make sure it would be even more difficult to overturn […]

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Mayor Reed Seeks to Silence National Website

(APN) ATLANTA — Mayor Kasim Reed is using a high-priced law firm to attempt to silence a national website, Lipstick Alley, after some of its users on an open forum published comments that Reed claims are libelous. On October 08, 2012, J. Randolph Evans, an attorney with McKenna Long & Aldridge, sent a cease and desist letter to an Internet […]

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