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APN 2014 General Endorsements Part Two: Hecht, Doreen Carter, Blackman, No on Income Tax Cap Amendment

(APN) ATLANTA — The Board of Directors of Atlanta Progressive News has issued a second round of endorsements in the General Election for 2014 for statewide, U.S. midterm, and other elections in Georgia. In our latest round of endorsements, we endorse Greg Hecht for Attorney General of Georgia; Doreen Carter for Secretary of State; and Daniel Blackman for Public Service […]

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Judge Glanville Sanctions Attorney General Olens; LaBerge over Withheld Memo

(APN) ATLANTA — On September 03, 2014, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville brought down sanctions against Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens and Holly LaBerge, Executive Secretary for the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission, for their failure to produce documents crucial to the Stacey Kalberman’s whistleblower case against Gov. Nathan Deal and his cronies.     During […]

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