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Occupy Our Homes Activists Avoid Jail Sentences, for Now

By Ben Smith, Special to The Atlanta Progressive News.     (APN) DECATUR — On Friday, August 08, 2014, the trial of the “Avondale 4” came to a close after the jury failed to reach verdict, thereby forcing DeKalb County State Court Judge Dax Lopez to declare a mistrial.     The case stems from a protest that took place […]

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Judge Denies Stand Your Ground Defense by Home Defenders

(APN) DECATUR — On May 14, 2014, the “Avondale” Four testified in the DeKalb County courthouse that they were not criminally trespassing when they refused to leave the Avondale Estate property after police served an eviction notice on August 09, 2013, but rather they were “standing their ground” against an illegal foreclosure and unlawful eviction.     The Avondale Four […]

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