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Atlanta Councilman Receives Threat after Stone Mountain Resolution Passes

michael bond stone mountain

(APN) ATLANTA — On July 20, 2015, the City Council of Atlanta approved and adopted 15-R-3870, a resolution by Councilman Michael Julian Bond (Post 1 At-Large), calling for Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal to approve and implement a study group to determine what additions, if any, could be added Georgia’s well-known icon, Stone Mountain.   The carving there depicts three figures […]

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Atlanta Council Approves $13 Million Credit for Tyler Perry, Fort McPherson Deal

fort mcpherson

(APN) ATLANTA — At the Full Council Meeting of the City Council of Atlanta, on Monday, April 20, 2015, the fast-tracking of 13 million dollars for Tyler Perry’s real estate transaction deal with the City of Atlanta for a new film studio at Fort McPherson was approved by all except Councilwoman Felicia Moore (District 9).   The vote was 11 […]

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DeKalb’s Medlock Park Left out of Annexation, Cityhood Plans


(APN) DEKALB COUNTY — On Thursday, January 22, 2015, the Medlock Area Neighborhood Association (MANA) held a special meeting to discuss whether to staying in unincorporated DeKalb County or whether to annex into Atlanta.   The nearby City of Decatur is looking to annex business areas, so to boost their tax base, but is not seeking to annex the residential […]

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City of Atlanta Pursuing Annexation of Druid Hills Neighborhood (UPDATE 3)

howard shook revised

(APN) ATLANTA — The City of Atlanta is about to get a whole lot bigger, as the City is pursuing two annexation proposals.  As previously reported by Atlanta Progressive News, the City is looking to annex part of unincorporated south Fulton County.  In addition, the City is looking to annex part of the Druid Hills neighborhood in unincorporated northwest DeKalb […]

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APN Releases Atlanta Council Scorecard for 2014 Year-End

council scorecard end 2014

(APN) ATLANTA — With the exception of Cleta Winslow (District 4), Howard Shook (District 7), and Yolanda Adrean (District 8), Atlanta’s City Councilmembers saw improvements in their progressivity score during the third and fourth quarters of 2014.   Atlanta Progressive News has updated its Atlanta City Council Scorecard, adding two votes: specifically, the vote on whether to approve a resolution […]

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Atlanta Council Votes to Allow ADA to Sell Civic Center

With additional reporting by Matthew Charles Cardinale, News Editor.   (APN) ATLANTA — At the June 02, 2014 Full Council Meeting of the City Council of Atlanta, a majority of Councilmembers approved legislation granting the Atlanta Development Authority (nicknamed “Invest Atlanta”) the option to put out a request for proposals (RFP) for the sale of Atlanta’s Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic […]

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Austin, Wan (District 6) Compared on Atlanta Council Issues

(APN) ATLANTA — Atlanta City Councilman Alex Wan (District 6)–who has been a staunch enemy of public comment; who demanded that Atlanta taxpayers pay for his legal representation for his perceived right to a secret vote [later losing a Supreme Court of Georgia ruling in a case brought by APN’s News Editor–the present writer]; who oversaw questionable funds accrual and […]

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Wan Criticized for Cheshire Bridge Rezoning Plan, but No Challenger Yet

  (APN) ATLANTA — Atlanta City Councilman Alex Wan (District 6) has faced some severe criticism on social media websites and on commenting sections of Atlanta’s GLBTQI publications, but, to date, no one has stepped forward to challenge Mr. Wan in this year’s upcoming 2013 municipal election.   As previously reported by Atlanta Progressive News, candidates have lined up to […]

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Midtown’s Other Councilman Opposes Cheshire Bridge Zoning Changes

(APN) ATLANTA — Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall (District 2), whose new District 2 contains much of the southern part of Midtown, up to 10th Street in some parts, has told Atlanta Progressive News that he opposes the proposed zoning changes to Cheshire Bridge Road. This puts him at odds with Alex Wan (District 6), the openly homosexual Councilman, whose […]

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Atlanta ZRB Rejects Cheshire Bridge Rezoning Proposal

  (APN) ATLANTA — The Atlanta Zoning Review Board (ZRB) has rejected two proposals to get rid of existing adult entertainment establishments that remain on Cheshire Bridge Road–Atlanta’s historic “red light district”–in a series of two to one votes. As previously reported by Atlanta Progressive News, the proposal would have attempted to eliminate the grandfathered-in status of numerous businesses that […]

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New Changes to Cheshire Bridge Zoning Bill Raise More Legal Issues (UPDATE 1)

  (APN) ATLANTA — Atlanta City Councilman Alex Wan (District 6) sent an email to constituents on yesterday, May 08, 2013, describing a second round of amendments to the proposed legislation to change the zoning for Cheshire Bridge Road.    These changes will be considered at the Zoning Review Board (ZRB) meeting tonight to be held at City Hall at […]

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ANALYSIS: Cheshire Bridge Rezoning Proposal Likely Illegal

(APN) ATLANTA — The rezoning proposals for Cheshire Bridge Road currently pending before the Zoning Review Board (ZRB)–which purport to take away the grandfather clause for existing businesses on Cheshire Bridge Road–are likely not legal and will subject the taxpayers of the City of Atlanta to costly litigation the City is unlikely to win, Atlanta Progressive News has learned. APN […]

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SEC Complaint Filed over City of Atlanta Pension Investment

(APN) ATLANTA — Angela Green, a former City of Atlanta employee and member of the Board of Trustees of the City of Atlanta General Employees’ Pension Plan, has filed a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Atlanta Progressive News has learned. The complaint, filed on January 18, 2013, alleges that the investment consultant for the Pension Fund, Larry […]

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Some Atlanta Councilmembers Seek Vote to Silence the Public, Again

(APN) ATLANTA — Councilwoman Joyce Sheperd (District 12) and six other Councilmembers have set their sights on new public comment rules that would further limit the time allotted to citizens to speak at Council Committees, and would set other restrictions. Currently, each Committee Chair sets their own rules for public comment at each of the seven Committees of the Atlanta […]

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Victory! Atlanta’s Council Briefings Opened to Public, Moved to Committee Room

(APN) ATLANTA — In another major citizens’ victory for transparency, public participation, accountability, and democracy at the City Council of Atlanta, all seven Council Committees have opened their Committee Briefings to the public for 2013, and have moved the Committee Briefings to Committee Room 1, which is accessible to the public.   The seven Council Committees–City Utilities, Committee on Council, […]

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