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AJC Politifact Attempts to Spin Away Centrist Voting Records

(APN) ATLANTA — The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper’s Politifact section, which features a purported “Truth-o-meter,” has in recent months, functioned more as a “Spin-o-meter” when it comes to candidates’ voting records.       In two specific “rulings,” Politifact has attempted to cast doubt on progressive Democratic candidates’ claims that their centrist opponents–specifically, former State Rep. Elena Parent (D-Chamblee) and former State […]

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AJC Continues Whitewashing Existence of Other Media

  (APN) ATLANTA — The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper appears to be engaging in a strategy of whitewashing the existence of other news outlets, except when it serves their purposes to mention them. Previously, Atlanta Progressive News revealed a Cox Media memo which defined the competition as everyone who was not either the AJC, WSB Channel 2, or WSB radio. Since […]

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AJC, WSB Memo Unveils Insidious Cross-Marketing Plan

(APN) ATLANTA — Cox Enterprises, the media company which owns the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper, WSBTV Channel 2, and WSB Radio, distributed a memo to its reporters unveiling a deliberate attempt to influence the perception of readers, viewers, and listeners through insidious cross-marketing techniques, according to a copy of the memo obtained by Atlanta Progressive News. The memo was first posted […]

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