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Cox Violated Voter Rights, Judge Declares (UPDATE 1)

(APN) ATLANTA — A Senior US District Judge found that Georgia Secretary of State (SOS), Cathy Cox, violated voter rights by undermining voter registration drives, Atlanta Progressive News has learned. Cox, a Democrat who is currently running for Georgia Governor, is already under criticism for her stewardship of the state’s electronic voting contract with Diebold. “The Court finds and hereby […]

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Parents Group Opposes Complicity of Schools in Military Recruitment: 2001’s No Child Left Behind Act Forces Release of Private Student Info

(APN) ATLANTA — Susan Keith noticed when her son, Martin, 16, a student at Decatur High School, received 8-10 mailings in the span of nine months from military recruiters. The mailings were full color glossy pieces promising free dog tags or sunglasses if he sent in a reply card.When she found out that Decatur High, along with every other high […]

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