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Georgia Power, PSC Sticks it to Ratepayers (UPDATE 2)

    (APN) ATLANTA — The Public Service Commission (PSC) is currently considering Georgia Power’s purposed 844 million dollar rate increase, despite the fact that the country is in the middle of a recession with historically high unemployment and foreclosure rates. Georgia Power initially requested a 1.1 billion dollar rate increase, but after consumers expressed outrage at a November meeting […]

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Eight Activists Arrested at Immigrant Prison in Lumpkin (UPDATE 1)

With additional reporting by Matthew Cardinale. (APN) LUMKPIN, Georgia — Approximately 100 people gathered today, Friday, November 19, 2010, at the square in Lumpkin, Georgia to make the 1.7 mile walk to the Stewart Detention Center (SDC) where 2,000 immigrants are held.  SDC is privately owned and operated by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), a multi-million dollar for profit business.  […]

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Family of Fallen Soldier Fights Foreclosure with Help from Activists

With additional reporting by Matthew Cardinale. (APN) LITHONIA — When activists in the peace movement learned the family of Spc. Jamaal Addison–the first Georgian killed in the US Occupation of Iraq–was facing foreclosure, they allied with the local anti-foreclosure movement to prevent the family from becoming homeless. As previously reported by Atlanta Progressive News, Addison’s mother, Patricia Roberts, had been […]

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Atlanta Activists Protest Israel’s Attack on Flotilla to Gaza

(APN) ATLANTA — On Tuesday, June 01, 2010, over 200 Atlantans gathered at the Israeli Consulate on Spring Street to protest Israel’s military attack upon an international convoy carrying humanitarian aid to the 1.5 million people in Gaza. The six ships were in international waters when the Israeli Navy intercepted the Freedom Flotilla abducting 700 people from 42 countries, wounding […]

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Activists Criticize Obama’s Nuclear Power Loan Guarantees (UPDATE 1)

(APN) ATLANTA — President Barack Obama’s announcement last week that he has promised funding in the Fiscal Year 2011 budget for new nuclear power reactors in the US, with some 54.5 billion dollars in federal loan guarantees, has ignited a firestorm of local and national resistance. Obama also announced that Atlanta-based Southern Company has been conditionally approved for 8.3 billion […]

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Iraq Veterans and Journalist Speak at Kennesaw State

(APN) KENNESAW — On Saturday, October 24, 2008, Kennesaw State University hosted Iraq Veterans Against the War as well as Dahr Jamail, a North American Correspondent for Inter-Press Service and author of the book, Beyond the Green Zone. The panel of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) members included Chris Raissi, Zach Choate, Jason Hurd, Maggie Martin and Phil Aliff. […]

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