Atlanta BOE Considering Four Finalists for At-Large Seat 9


Images by Adrian Paulette Coleman, Atlanta Progressive News.   (APN) ATLANTA – The Atlanta Board of Education (ABOE) selected four finalists from a pool of fifteen applicants for Board appointee to serve the unexpired term of At-Large Seat 9, which was vacated by Jason Esteves on December 31, 2022.     As previously reported by Atlanta Progressive News, Esteves was elected […]

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APS’s Secretive Board Appointment as Esteves Elected to State Senate


(APN) ATLANTA – The nine-member Board of Education of the Atlanta Independent School System will appoint an individual to serve the remainder of the unexpired term for At-Large Seat 9, to be vacated by Jason Esteves on December 31, 2022.   Interested candidates must register by tomorrow, Tuesday, November 22, 2022 to secure admittance to the last mandatory orientation session […]

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Atlanta Redistricting Produces More White Majority Districts


Images by Adrian Paulette Coleman, Atlanta Progressive News; graphics by Department of Planning published pursuant to fair use doctrine; two graphics by Department of Planning with superimposed data by Adrian Paulette Coleman.   (APN) ATLANTA – On October 17, 2022, in a unanimous vote of thirteen to zero, the City Council of Atlanta adopted City of Atlanta Ordinance 22-O-1700 to change the […]

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Atlanta’s Dickens Administration Seeks to Dissolve NPU-R


  With additional reporting by Matthew Charles, News Editor.   (APN) ATLANTA – The City of Atlanta’s Executive Branch, under the Administration of Mayor Andre Dickens, has taken the unprecedented step of seeking to redraw southwest neighborhood planning unit (NPU) boundaries and dissolve an entire NPU without City Council approval.    Some have criticized the proposal as a pretext to […]

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Atlanta Unmoved by Fulton Jail’s Federal Violations, as ACDC Partnership Advances


(APN) ATLANTA – At the August 08, 2022 Public Safety/Legal Administration Committee Meeting of the City Council of Atlanta, the Committee approved a contract allowing the transfer of prisoners from South Fulton Jail to the Atlanta City Detention Center (ACDC), in a vote of five to one, despite a recent federal ruling that the jail has consistently violated the constitutional […]

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Atlanta Defunded People TV over Years, Diverted Fee Revenue


(APN) ATLANTA – In the 1990’s, the City of Atlanta expressed its policy of setting aside a substantial portion of cable franchise fee revenue paid by cable subscribers to be used for public access television, People TV Channel 24, Atlanta Progressive News can reveal based on our research of historical records, including documents obtained from the Atlanta History Center.   […]

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Atlanta Saw Eighty Percent Increase in Rape Cases during Pandemic


(APN) ATLANTA — The number of rape cases reported so far this year stands at 92, an eighty percent increase over 2020, the Atlanta Police Department (APD) revealed in a July 12, 2021 Bi-weekly Report presented to the Public Safety/Legal Administration (PS/LA) Committee of the City Council of Atlanta.   Between May and June 2021, the number of […]

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Atlanta Moving Forward on Eminent Domain Park, despite Pending Appeals (UPDATE 1)


With additional reporting by Matthew Charles Cardinale.  Photograph by Adrian Paulette Coleman.   (APN) ATLANTA — On Thursday, June 04, 2021, with little to no fanfare, the City of Atlanta’s Department of Watershed staked a six-foot sign announcing the “Peoplestown Storage Vault and Park Project”, on the site where, by the the time project is completed, an entire block of […]

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APN Interview with Clarence Blalock, District 1 Candidate for Atlanta City Council


Photographs by Adrian Paulette Coleman, Atlanta Progressive News.  With additional reporting by Matthew Charles Cardinale.   (APN) ATLANTA — With the Atlanta City Council District 1 race wide open following the announced retirement of incumbent Councilwoman Carla Smith (District 1), several political newcomers have entered the race, including Clarence Blalock.   Prior to Smith’s announcement, Blalock told Atlanta Progressive News […]

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Councilwoman Winslow Insults Commenter on Hot Microphone

cleta winslow 2

(APN) ATLANTA — Atlanta’s longest-serving current Councilmember, Cleta Winslow (District 4) continued to demonstrate her contempt for members of the public, when late last year she was caught on a hot microphone insulting a woman making public comment.   During the November 10, 2020 City Utilities Committee Meeting, Councilwoman Winslow could be overheard sighing and making derogatory remarks as public […]

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Atlanta Activists Learn about Tenants Buying their Buildings, D.C.’s Experience


(APN) ATLANTA — On December 02 and 03, 2020, Atlanta activists and tenants, along with Atlanta City Council President Felicia A. Moore and Atlanta City Councilman Matt Westmoreland (Post 2-at-large), gathered around computers and mobile devices to learn about a Washington, D.C., housing policy that has been helping tenants purchase their own buildings since the 1980’s.   Housing Justice League […]

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Voter Turnout Remained Low in Some Parts of Atlanta, even during Presidential Election


(APN) ATLANTA — Democracy advocates cheered the massive voter turnout seen nationwide during the Nov. 03, 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, as an estimated 65.3 percent of eligible U.S. voters turned out to vote – the highest percentage seen since 1908.   And yet, not all communities enjoyed this same level of electoral participation.   Some fifty-nine percent (59%) […]

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MARTA’s Open Restrooms Mostly on North Lines

marta map

By Adrian Coleman, Special to Atlanta Progressive News  (APN) ATLANTA — MARTA’s open public restrooms are disproportionately located on the MARTA North Lines (Doraville and North Springs Lines), whereas few restrooms are open on MARTA’s East, West, and South Lines.   Given the fact that the North Lines tend to disproportionately serve MARTA riders who are White and affluent; and […]

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