State House Candidate Angela Moore Has History of Deception


angela moore(APN) ATLANTA — Angela Moore, a candidate for State House of Representatives in the upcoming District 90 Special Election on Tuesday, March 09, 2021, has a history of deception, but she has advanced into a Run-off with former DeKalb County Commissioner Stan Watson (Super-District 7).


Angela Moore’s extraordinary works of fabrication include creating a fictitious campaign manager to avoid paying an advertising debt in 2010; then creating a fictitious attorney in 2015 to threaten a defamation lawsuit that was never filed.  


Moore was disqualified from running in a previous election for State Senate District 43 in 2015 after making deceptive statements about her residency.


As previously reported by Atlanta Progressive News, the Special Election is being held due to the resignation of now-former State Rep. Pam Stephenson (D-Decatur) due to health issues.


Six candidates ran in the March 09, 2021 Special Election for House District 90.  The other candidates included, including transparency activist Dr. Ed Williams, along with Diandra Hines, Valerie Murphy, Greg Shealey, and Joel Thibodeaux. 


Former Commissioner Watson and Angela Moore advanced into the Run-off with 28.2 and seventeen percent of the vote, respectively.  Dr. Williams came in fifth place with 14.4 percent of the vote.




As previously reported, Angela Moore created a fictitious campaign manager to avoid paying a campaign debt to Atlanta Progressive News.


APN usually does not report on the rare people who fail to pay their advertising bills (some people are jerks – this is not breaking news).  


However, APN first reported the story of Angela Moore’s deceptive statements in 2015, the last time Angela Moore attempted to run for office (but was disqualified after making deceptive statements about her residency).


What had happened was, in 2010, Angela Moore’s campaign for the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State of Georgia, ran up an advertising debt with APN in the amount of 330 dollars, and did not pay the bill.  


When several weeks transpired and the debt was unpaid, Moore advised APN to talk with her campaign manager, who she said lived in Kentucky, and was named “Mr. Day.”


On July 08, 2010, APN received a call from the phone number in Kentucky, but the man identified himself as “Mr. Curry,” promising the debt would be repaid in two to three weeks.


However, when payment was not received, APN called the number again and asked for the alleged campaign manager, this time he said, “Who?”


When APN stated they were looking for the Angela Moore campaign, the man said, “Oh yeah, I do sometimes go by that name.”  He said he would contact Moore, but no payment was ever received.


On September 20, 2015, APN emailed Moore’s 2015 campaign for Senate District 43, seeking for the campaign to respond to a series of questions about the events in 2010.


However, Bianca White, committee chair, responded that it was a legal matter, that the campaign’s “legal person” would be consulted, and she would have no further comment.


And so commenced the second fiction: Moore’s nonexistent attorney.


cease and desistOn September 21, 2015, Moore sent to APN a cease and desist letter threatening to sue APN, claiming to be written by an attorney, “Carol White.”


However, the letter was not on attorney letterhead, and provided no contact information for Carol White, which Moore also refused to provide.


Moore’s campaign was also given the opportunity to identify specifically what information was false, if any; and to provide factual corrections, but failed to do so.


Just like “Mr. Curry,” Carol White the attorney did not exist.  No lawsuit was ever filed.


chidiActivist and columnist George Chidi, a former City Councilman for the City of Pine Lake, has claimed that Angela Moore lied to him as well.  (The original article on Peach Pundit has apparently been taken down, but he repeats the claim in a recent article on Decaturish.)


kristinaKristina Cates, Moore’s former campaign manager for the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State in 2006, tells APN that she has never heard of a Mr. Curry or a Mr. Day, but that she too is owed money by a former Angela Moore campaign from 2006, and she is not surprised to hear of Moore’s actions in 2010.


“I think it’s irresponsible for her to run for office, considering every campaign she’s ever run has been shady,” Cates told APN.


“Nothing has been done above board.  There’s no transparency.  She burns bridges with everyone,” Cates said.


Cates said she quit the campaign after Moore referred to Shyam Reddy, another candidate in 2006 for the Democratic Nomination for Secretary of State, as a “raghead.”


“Every campaign, there’s a big kerfuffle.  She can give an okay five minute speech, but she’s incredibly untrustworthy,” Cates said.


“She was supposed to pay me for being her campaign manager and she never did.  I just wrote it off.  She ran up this massive cell phone bill on my cell phone, four hundred to five hundred dollars, and she promised to pay that at least,” Cates said.


Cates said Moore continually referred her to somebody else about the unpaid compensation.


“Fiscally, she has not handled the money situation well on any campaign she’s been a part of.  She uses hostility of new campaign people to avoid paying debt,” Cates said.


“There’s no end to people willing to make a name of themselves, to play buffer,” she said.


One source familiar with the matter said they used to be friends with Moore, but that Moore’s challenges with making truthful statements included introducing herself with a new occupation, including medical doctor, every time they met.  Moore was never a medical doctor.


fishburnThe source also told APN that at the time–over a decade ago–Moore claimed to be dating Lawrence Fishburn, the famous actor; and that Fishburn was routinely coming over to Moore’s house.  However, according to the source, Mr. Fishburn was never seen at Moore’s house.


In preparation for the 2021 Special Election, Moore contacted APN around New Years Eve of 2020 to apologize, adding she could not remember what had transpired.


As Millennials care to say, Pepperidge Farm remembers.


(END / Copyright Atlanta Progressive News / 2021)

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