APN Releases Atlanta City Council Scorecard for 2019


matt westmoreland(APN) ATLANTA — Atlanta Progressive News has released an updated City Council Scorecard for 2019 for the City Council of Atlanta.




APN has been scoring Councilmembers since 2009.


The Scorecard includes 84 votes dating back to as early as 2003.  Councilmembers are scored on the votes in which they participate.


The most recent Scorecard was published in late 2017 – so this is the first score that the many new members of Council, whose term began in 2018, have received so far.


Antonio Brown, who has represented District 3 for approximately three weeks, is scored on only two votes.  


Councilwoman Natalyn Archibong (District 5) continues to have the highest score, as she has had for several years.


Councilman Matt Westmoreland (Post 2-at-large), who joined the Council last year in 2018, has the second-highest score – helped by his opposition to the Gulch, his support of the Gulch amendments for more affordable housing, and his opposition to placing time limits on Proclamations.


Councilman Michael Julian Bond (Post 1-at-large) would have had the highest score based on 2018 and 2019, but was pulled down by some prior votes.  It becomes harder to change one’s score as more data points accumulate.


Councilwoman Carla Smith (District 1) seems to have the best attendance and the best record of being in her seat present for voting.  She is scored on 82 votes; she participated in 82 votes out of 84, only missing two scored votes.


APN tends to include split votes, rather than unanimous votes, and only includes Consent Agenda votes in special circumstances.


APN added thirteen new votes from 2018 and 2019 to date.  In addition, APN went back and added one vote from 2007, the repeal of Disorderly Conduct 6; and added two votes from 2015, the creation of no-panhandling zones in the City of Atlanta.


Four of the scored votes were regarding ordinances drafted by APN’s News Editor, the present writer, who at some point over the years got tired of scoring bad legislation and decided to help.


The scores are listed below, followed by a list of the votes added from 2018 and 2019:






BOND 67.74


IDE 61.54






BROWN 50* (based on two votes)


SHOOK 44.62


BOONE 44.44




SMITH 40.24


HILLIS 39.46








The new scored votes for 2018 and 2019:


  • Ordinance requiring the Council President to call all votes in a manner that allows the Clerk to record all yeas, nays, abstentions, and absences. (APN supported; drafted by APN Editor; passed).


  • May 2018 motion by the now-late Councilman Ivory Lee Young, Jr. (District 3) to extend the speaking time of Jerry Meyer-Jackson by two minutes (APN supported, motion carried).


  • The Westside Yards Development (APN opposed, development approved).


  • The Gulch Development (APN opposed, development approved).


  • Gulch Amendment by Councilman Andre Dickens (Post 3-at-large) to provide deeper affordability (APN supported, amendment failed).


  • Gulch Amendment by Councilwoman Archibong (District 5) to provide for more funding for affordable housing (APN supported, amendment failed).


  • Vine City Eminent Domain for Rodney Cook, Sr., Park (APN opposed, emiment domain approved).


  • Limit on public comment speaking time for public comment delegations and current and former election officials (APN opposed, limits approved).


  • Videotaping of Committee Briefings.  Motion to approve by Councilman Michael Julian Bond (Post 1-at-large); no second.  (APN supported, motion not seconded).


  • Requiring Council Committees to allow at least one opportunity for public comment prior to voting on legislative items.  (APN supported, drafted by APN’s Editor; ordinance approved.)


  • Repeal of Jennifer Ide Amendment.  (APN supported, drafted by APN’s Editor; ordinance approved).


  • Allowing earlier sign up for public comment at 11:15 a.m., and up until public comment starts. (APN supported; drafted by APN’s Editor; ordinance approved).


  • Time limit on proclamations.  (APN opposed; limits approved).


(END / Copyright Atlanta Progressive News / 2019)

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