Atlanta Council Midterm Scorecard 2017: Bottoms at Bottom


klb2(APN) ATLANTA — As it is now nearly midway through 2017, Atlanta Progressive News is releasing an updated cumulative scorecard for the Atlanta City Council.


The APN Atlanta City Council Scorecard is the most comprehensive, voting record-based scorecard available for the current Atlanta City Council, and is available as a public Google Spreadsheet:


The Scorecard is particularly relevant this 2017 Municipal Election season, as three Councilmembers are running for Mayor of Atlanta, and another three are running for Council President.




Mayoral candidate Keisha Lance Bottoms (District 11) has the lowest score of all fifteen Councilmembers, or 31.3 out of a possible score of one hundred.


Mayoral candidate Kwanza Hall (District 2) has the highest score among Mayoral candidates who currently sit on the City Council, with a score of 59.1.


Mayoral candidate Mary Norwood (Post 2-at-large) has a score of 47.4.


By point of contrast, Mayoral candidate State Sen. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta) has a score of 100 percent on APN’s Georgia House and Senate Fulton and DeKalb delegation Scorecard.




Council President candidate Felicia Moore (District 9) has the second-highest score of all fifteen Councilmembers, and the highest score among the Council President candidates.  Her score is 78.7.


Council President candidate CT Martin (District 10) has a score of 55.9.


Council President candidate Alex Wan (District 6) has a score of 47.1.  His score, which at one point was the lowest on the scorecard, has recently improved.




Three votes were added for the first few months of 2017:


First, we added 17-O-1132, the Council’s decision to approve an easement in Peachtree Hills park to a private developer.  APN’s Editorial position was to oppose.


All Councilmembers supported the easement, except Felicia Moore and Michael Julian Bond (Post 1-at-large) opposed.  Ivory Lee Young (District 3) was absent.


Second, we added 17-O-1080, the Council’s decision to approve a Trust Fund for the Turner Field Communities.  APN’s Editorial position was to support.


All Councilmembers supported the Trust Fund, except Howard Shook (District 7), Yolanda Adrean (District 8), and Felicia Moore.  Mary Norwood  and Natalyn Archibong (District 5) were absent.  Keisha Lance Bottoms abstained.


Third, we added the Council’s decision to refer 17-O-1152 back to the Committee, where it currently languishes.  This is the legislation that would decriminalize cannabis under City of Atlanta municipal law.  APN’s Editorial position was in opposition to referring the bill because it should have been adopted.


All Councilmembers supported the motion to refer, except Kwanza Hall, Alex Wan, Felicia Moore, and Andre Dickens (Post 3-at-large).  Mary Norwood was absent.


APN has been issuing this Scorecard since 2009.  The Scorecard now contains 63 specific votes taken by the Full Council dating back to 2003, in which Atlanta Progressive News has taken a position for or against each legislative item or motion.


Once again, Councilwoman Natalyn Archibong is the most progressive Councilwoman on the City Council, with a score of 82.7 out of 100.


The ranking of the current fifteen Councilmembers are as follows:




FELICIA MOORE       78.7


MICHAEL BOND       65.1


ANDRE DICKENS       64.7


KWANZA HALL       59.1


CT MARTIN       55.9


MARY NORWOOD       47.4


ALEX WAN       47.1




IVORY YOUNG       39.7


CARLA SMITH       38.3


HOWARD SHOOK       36.8


JOYCE SHEPERD       35.3


CLETA WINSLOW       35.1






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