BLM Imposter, “Sir Maejor,” Impersonated FBI Agent, Police


sir maejorWith additional reporting by Matthew Charles Cardinale


(APN) ATLANTA — Tyree Lavelle Conyers-Page, an Atlanta-based activist who calls himself “Sir Maejor,” has been at the center of controversy over the last couple weeks.


As first reported by Atlanta Progressive News, he has placed himself at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement in Atlanta, even though he does not represent the actual Black Lives Matter movement.


Now, after obtaining numerous police records through Open Records request, APN can reveal that Conyers-Page has an extensive criminal background spanning many states, including one alarming recent incident in which he has impersonated an FBI agent, and another in which he impersonated a police officer.


On January 14, 2016, Conyers-Page gained entrance into the Secretary of State’s Corporations Division office at 2 MLK Drive, in the Sloppy Floyd Building.


He gained entry into the West Tower, and passed a security checkpoint by misrepresenting and impersonating himself as a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent.


Conyers-Page, wearing numerous weapons, approached the security guard and refused to show ID.


Conyers-Page intimidated the guard by saying he was with the FBI and that they [the security guards] were hindering an investigation.


“Mr. Page entered the Corporations Division of the Security of State [sic] Office after passing through a security checkpoint.  According to an incident report obtained from Dynamic Security, Page approached the security desk with weapons on.  Mr. Page refused to show I.D.,” the police report states.


“Security guard Ballard advised she spoke with Captain Harper with Dynamic Security.  Ms. Ballard heard Mr. Page tell Ms. Harper that he was with the F.B.I. and they were hindering an investigation.  At that point Mr. Page was allowed entry to the Corporations Division of The Security of State [sic] office.”


“On January 19, 2016, I secured the charges for impersonating a Public Officer and Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Crime from Judge Stephanie Davis, Fulton County Magistrate Court,” the report states.


In another local incident, on October 14, 2015, an Officer Morrison observed Conyers-Page at 48 Broad Street, next to the MARTA Five Points station, wearing a bulletproof vest with a full duty belt, containing one fully loaded Glock 21 45, two additional fully loaded magazines, two handcuffs, OC spray, one baton, a Taser with additional cartridge, and a makeshift ID card designating his duties as a fugitive apprehension officer.


The police report states that he was harassing and yelling at MARTA patrons; and telling them where they could and could not stand, and what they could and could not do.


Conyers-Page approached a parked car and demanded of the person inside, “Sir, roll your window down, I need to identify you.”


The person inside the car was, in fact, Sgt. Knapp, a plain clothes police officer, who was watching Conyers-Page’s strange behavior.


At one point, Conyers-Page stood in the street blocking several MARTA buses; eventually he was arrested.


A weapon check came back that his gun was not on file.


Overall, “Sir Maejor” claims to be an actor, model, bounty hunter, security guard, community leader, and founder and spokesperson for Black Lives Matter (BLM) Greater Atlanta.


While he did incorporate a Georgia corporation in that name, his organization is not affiliated with the national BLM movement; and, according to many activists, has few followers.


Conyers-Page shows up at media events and rallies wearing a BLM t-shirt and jumps in front of media cameras, portraying himself as a spokesperson and implying he organized the protests in and around Atlanta, following the recent police killings of Philando Castile of St. Paul, Minnesota; and Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


For a while, his con fooled some news media and prominent Black leaders in Atlanta.  City of Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and Police Chief George Turner held a press conference with Conyers-Page by their side, as if to show cooperation between BLM and the Mayor’s office.


“A question we all have is that the Mayor had a meeting with a well-known fraud… We can see that the Mayor wants to pretend he is working with BLM… and that he is for power, not the people,” Devyn Springer with Rise Up Georgia  told APN.


As Sir Maejor’s impersonation of an activist began to crumble, his criminal record of such activities as impersonating police officers started to leak out.  First it was from Ohio; then Fulton County, Georgia.


An old University of Toledo (UT) police bulletin first appeared on Facebook.


It warned students to beware of Page, who is accused of menacing, harassment, theft, obstructing official business, assault, and telephone harassment, to name a few of his charges.


On May 11, 2011, Page was informed that he would not be admitted to UT because of ongoing financial issues, and was advised not to be on university property without authorization of UTPD.


On Conyers-Page’s Facebook page, it states he is from and lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and on another Facebook it states he lives in Atlanta but he told the AJC he is from Ohio.


In a self-made video he claims to have a lot of elders, faith leaders, and young people supporting him; and that he has the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) DeKalb in his pocket.


“I got control of these streets when it comes to my young people,” Conyers-Page says in the video.


“When you are a young powerful influential Black brother, of course, they are going to talk about me.  They talked about Malcolm X and Martin Luther King and all the greats,” Conyers-Page says in the video, referring to some of the information and criticism leaking out about him.


“I’ve got bankers on my team and that’s why they fear me, because I’m independent, I don’t need money,” Page said on the video.


Other activists see him as a dangerous, self-promoting, con man who takes credit for the work others do.


“My first encounter with Sir Maejor was at the Anthony Hill occupy at the Decatur Courthouse.  We were all uncomfortable with him being there because of all the drama and homophobic statements he made.  Bridget Anderson, Hill’s girlfriend, asked him to leave, and it turned into a huge argument.  By the way he was acting, she was afraid he would turn violent against her,” Springer tells APN.


Conyers-Page has had altercations with other activists and people.


“We are concerned that he is heavily armed and he has showed signs of being unstable,” Springer tells APN.


The real energy and organization behind the movement is a collection of a dozen or more organizations that organize under #ATLisReady.


“Page initially approached BLM Atlanta to ask for help with his court cases and legal fees.  He tried to post a Go Fund Me on the BLM blog page to raise money for his legal fees, but we would not allow him to do that,” Propst tells APN.


Dre Propst, Co-Founder of BLM Atlanta, tells APN that BLM Atlanta asked Conyers-Page to leave because of his homophobic attitude and for taking credit for the work that other individuals and organizations had done.




  • Brilliant reporting. Seen nothing in the AJC or the media.

  • Wow! Great story! Thanks for exposing this guy through your investigative reporting. You are a good example.

  • Kenyette Tisha Barnes

    Thank you for this reporting. It is indeed extremely problematic that this individual has hijacked a legitimate movement, and has the potential to adversely impact any progressive legislation judiciary change in the state of Georgia.

  • I personally know him & his mother. I’ve know tyree since 5th grade. He’s not an bad person. Some of his choices I may not agree with. He adopts to certain life styles and make the best of it. #mudmade #ToledoRockets

    • Not a bad guy? How does anyone impersonate a law officer on more than one occasion and not be considered trouble?
      People like you are the problem in this country… Poor victims. Give me a break. Want to make the best of a situation is NOT impersonating LEOs and being a well behaved responsible citizen. Even if he was mentally ill, people like you do nothing to help him. You are an enabler. People in this country are tired of BS.

      • Similarly, if you adopt certain bad elements and bad friends, find better people to associate with. This moron was looking for trouble. Open your eyes.

  • “Black Lives Matter” is a movement rather than an organization, and certainly it is more than a single individual. That said, what I find troublesome about this article is the absence of the word “allegedly.” You have reported the contents of these incident reports as fact. Is the assumption that if police say something, it’s true? I don’t know Sir Maejor, and frankly question the legitimacy of any person or organization claiming to be in charge of “Black Lives Matter,” but aren’t criminal records like this exactly what police haul out of the file cabinet every time an unarmed African American gets shot? And isn’t this article another form of assassination? And even if every word of this is true, doesn’t Sir Maejor’s life matter anyway?

  • Mr. Conyers-Page sounds mentally unstable and potentially dangerous. Thank you for printing his photograph so that people who might encounter him may exercise caution. Now, let’s hope the folks doing the real work for groups like BLM get some proper credit for the all the hard work they do.

  • Atum Ra Muhammed

    BLM is funded and controlled by gay Black people and old white men. It’s not an independent Black Movement. Yall need to wake up.

    • Whoever is funding it, they are gettinf rhe work done. What is your hotep self doing?? Who is funding you? Ahhh … you have no funds. Boy bye! BLM has done the hard work. Whether the members are gay or straight … they LOVE Black people and are puttibgvtheir lives on the line to make a difference. You are the one that needs to wake up.

  • He from Toledo Ohio born and raised

  • Excellent investigative journalism. A rarity these days. Thank you for this story.

  • Sir Maejor is a real loon.

  • Must be some kind of freak albino

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