BRIEF: Anonymous Leaks Alleged KKK Membership List as Marches Occur Worldwide


operation kkk(APN) ATLANTA — On November 05, 2015, @OperationKKK, a Twitter account allegedly associated with the group, Anonymous, leaked an alleged list of members associated with the  Ku Klux Klan information.


On the same date, millions across the planet took to the streets wearing Guy Fawkes masks to protest censorship, government corruption, police brutality, and crony capitalism.


Guy Fawkes masks, featured in the 2005 movie, V for Vendetta, are a stylized depiction of Guy Fawkes, who attempted to blow up the House of Lords in London in 1605.


Marches were held in London, Amsterdam, Montreal, New York, Washington D.C., Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Phoenix, and in many other cities around the world.


Some of their issues include: the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, unfair taxes, the Trans Pacific Partnership, the militarized police state and police brutality, invasions and occupations, corruption in government, the need for healthcare reform, the need to address homelessness, the need for alternative energy, freedom for the people of Palestine, 9/11 Truth, eradicating genetically modified organisms, support for Chelsea Manning, and support for education reform.


“The list of things that are wrong with this world is too long to pick just one so we will tackle them all,” Anonymous said in a Facebook post.


They state one of the biggest obstacles they face regarding the truth reaching the people is the corporate media that is controlled by big money and uses psychological warfare to control the people worldwide.


Previously, several lists were posted, including an  apparent fake list that claimed to identify several U.S. Senators and Mayors to be members of the KKK.  Anonymous later disclaimed affiliation with the list.


Atlanta Progressive News was the first in the Atlanta media market to ask U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA), whose name was on the apparent fake list, to respond to the list.  Isakson denied being a member of the KKK.



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