Anti-Muslim Haters Fail to Show Up at Advertised Rally in Atlanta


mosque(APN) ATLANTA —  An anti-Muslim group had called for a national Global Rally for Humanity on today, Saturday, October 10, 2015, to protest outside twenty or more mosques in various U.S. cities, including Atlanta.


However, while the faith community mobilized in Atlanta to hold a prayer vigil in response, no anti-Muslim protesters showed up at the advertised protest.


Their group’s goal is to encourage “fellow patriots” to unite against the presence of Muslims in America and “the Muslim President in D.C.,” an apparent reference to President Barack Obama, who is Christian.


The Atlanta Facebook page called for armed protest Saturday at Al-Farooq Masjid in Atlanta:


But the so-called armed “patriots” did not show up at Al-Farooq Masjid mosque.


Instead, about one hundred people of faith from various religions did show up to support their Muslim brothers and sisters.


Among the faith community present at Al-Farooq Masjid were representatives from: Interfaith Community Initiatives, Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta, Neshama Interfaith Center, Congregation Bet Haverim, Compassionate Atlanta, Concerned Black Clergy, Jewish Voice for Peace, and many other religious denominations; plus individuals of faith.


“I’m here because of relationship with people in this community.  We have each others’ back.  What happens to one of us, happens to all of us,” Rabbi Joshua Lesser, Congregation Bet Haverim, said.


A Presbyterian minister said that if western civilization collapses, it will be because we have lost compassion for other people; and to see that we are all members of the family of God.


“As an interfaith community, we renounce any form of ignorance, hatred, bigotry, anti-semitism, and racism… We will stand together as one people with hope, peace, faith, and love as an interfaith community,” Rev. Gerald Durley, Concerned Black Clergy, said.


Everyone prayed for those who have hatred in their hearts and misinformation in their minds.


A letter of solidarity is circulating around Metro Atlanta that even more organizations are signing to loudly say, “Atlanta Says NO to Islamophobia Rally.”


The outcome of the day was positive.  Faith leaders came together in respect and support to combat misinformation, bigotry, fear, and hatred that is devouring some in our society.


Below is a link to the Global Rally for Humanity’s national Facebook page (reader discretion is advised due to offensive language).



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