“Ms. Angela” Threatens APN with Lawsuit, using Fictitious Attorney, apparently


cease and desist(APN) ATLANTA — Angela Moore, a candidate for State Senate District 43 in the upcoming November 03, 2015 Special Election, has sent Atlanta Progressive News’s News Editor a Cease and Desist letter, demanding that APN retract an article dated September 20, 2015, entitled, “SD 43 Candidate, ‘Ms. Angela,’ Created Fictitious Debt to Avoid Campaign Debt, Apparently.”


The letter demanded that APN retract the article by September 21, 2015.


APN declined to retract the article, which is still online here:




APN’s News Editor emailed the Moore campaign on September 20, asking “Can you pls let me know which specific statements, if any, you believe to be false; why you believe them to be false; and any documentation that you have to prove the statements to be false?  Thank you!”


However, the Moore campaign did not reply.


The email notification of the Cease and Desist letter, via Adobe Document Cloud e-sign services, purportedly came to APN from a “Carol White,” whose name appeared in the “from” field on the email.


The purported Carol White held herself out in the letter to be Moore’s attorney, referring to Moore in the letter as “my client.”


However, oddly, no information was included in the letter about how to contact the alleged Carol White.  Normally, such a letter would appear on the attorney’s letterhead and would provide contact information.


Also, the letter was filled with spelling and grammatical errors, further suggesting it was not sent by an attorney.


“Also, I’d like proof that ‘Carol White’ is a real person.  If you could pls send her contact information so I can follow-up,” APN’s News Editor wrote.


Ms. Moore failed to reply to any of APN’s above-referenced requests for more information, in addition to APN’s original requests for information.


The Moore Campaign has failed to file a lawsuit to date, nor have they even identified what information they believe is false.


In the original September 20 article, APN reported that Angela Moore, in 2010, appeared to collude with a colleague in Kentucky to create a fictitious campaign manager with a fictitious name, sometimes “Mr. Day” and sometimes “Mr. Curry,”in order to avoid a campaign debt for advertising purchases to APN.


The man in Kentucky slipped up and revealed the apparent fiction when APN called him after the election and he couldn’t remember his fake name, asking “Who?… Oh yeah, I do go by that name sometimes.”


Ironically, it now appears Moore created a fictitious attorney to send out her Cease and Desist letter.


Moore appears to have used a Cease and Desist fill-in-the-blank form published on several legal websites, including the Minnesota law firm, Thompson Hall, nearly word for word.




Also, APN reported that Moore’s 2006 campaign manager, Kristina Cates, says she also was not paid by Moore.  Cates also said she quit when Ms. Moore called another candidate for Secretary of State, who was of South Asian ethnicity, a “raghead.”




“Angela Moore has learned that you have engaged in spreading false, destructive, defamatory rumors about her,” the letter states.


“Your defamatory statements involved [Any and all statements made by one, Kristina Cates, Any and all statements speculative statements [sic] involving Angela Moore, the Moore For Georgia campaign, Any and all comments made by Bianca White,” the letter states.


“Accordingly, we demand that you (A) immediately cease and desist your unlawful defamation of Angela Moore and her campaign staff, and (B) Removal all media sources by retraction the article [sic] in which are the author of entitled: ‘SD 43 CANDIDATE, ‘MS. ANGELA,’ CREATED FICTITIOUS PERSON TO AVOID CAMPAIGN DEBT, APPARENTLY’ or any like named tittles [sic] referring to Angela Moore and, (C) provide us with prompt written assurance within twenty four (24) hours that you will cease and desist from further defamation of Angela Moore’s character and reputation,” the letter states.


“If you do not comply with this cease and desist demand within this time period, Angela Moore is entitled to seek monetary damages and equitable relief for your defamation.  In the event you fail to meet this demand, please be advised that Angela Moore has asked us to communicate to you that she will pursue all available legal remedies, including seeking monetary damages, injunctive relief, and an order that you pay court costs and attorney’s fees.  Your liability and exposure under such legal action could be considerable,” the letter states.




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