Georgia Fourth Graders Get Pocket-Sized U.S. Constitutions

Richard Woods Official

Richard Woods Official

(APN) ATLANTA — In an act to promote civic involvement at the grade school level, Richard Woods, Superintendent of the Georgia Public School System, tasked his staff to provide a mini-Constitution, entitled “Words That Built America,” to be handed out to all 130,000 fourth graders in the State.


“Superintendent Woods told me two things, to have a mini-Constitution in the hands of all fourth graders and to not use taxpayers’ money.  There are a lot of generous Georgians out there,” Harold Logsdon, Director at the Georgia Department of Education, told Atlanta Progressive News.


“There were 1,250 schools that received the books.  We had to ship a few extra out to 50 or so schools, but every fourth grader has a book of their own.  The project cost 40,000 dollars and I was out raising that money.  Next year will be easier and hopefully we’ll raise more as we now have a book we can show donors,” Logsdon said.


On September 14, 2015, Superintendent Woods held a press conference introducing the program.  Gov. Deal, Logsdon, and others were in attendance.


“We had last year’s fifth graders singing the National Anthem and the Grand Ole Flag.  It was quite something.  I am retired military and it brought me chills,” Logsdon said.


According to Logsdon, the book will have an introduction from Superintendent Woods and contain the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution with all Amendments, the National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner, and the Pledge of Allegiance.


“In fourth grade is when the kids are taught social studies in Georgia.  Just having the Constitution is not enough.  Parents and teachers must be involved.  The feedback from teachers has been great.  They just love it and the parents that work with me in this building can’t wait to work with their fourth graders,” Logsdon said.


“We gotta pass these things on to the next generation,” Logsdon said.



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