APN Endorses Taylor Bennett in HD 80 Special Run-off


taylor bennett(APN) ATLANTA — The Atlanta Progressive News Board of Directors has endorsed Taylor Bennett in the House District 80 Special Election Run-off taking place on Tuesday, July 11, 2015.


Bennett is in a Run-off with former Mayor of Brookhaven J. Max Davis.


APN endorsed Catherine Bernard in the General Election.


Many Democrats are rallying behind Mr. Bennett, noting that if elected, he would deprive Republicans of their current supermajority in the State House.


The seat was previously held by former State Rep. Mike Jacobs (R-Brookhaven), who used to be a Democrat, but changed parties.  Jacobs was recently appointed to a judge position in DeKalb County.


The district includes parts of Brookhaven and Sandy Springs.


Bennett’s campaign replied to APN’s request for responses to APN’s questionnaire.




Bennett did support GMO labeling and stated his opposition to the Opportunity School District proposal.


Bennett stated his support for alternative energy sources; however, disconcertingly, also supported nuclear power.


Bennett said he would support a “conversation” on ballot access.


Bennett said he would support a “conversation” on adding a voter verifiable paper audit trail to electronic voting in Georgia.


Bennett was vague on medical cannabis, decriminalization, and legalization, but implied that Georgia should at least provide in-state cultivation in connection with the newly enacted CBD oil immunity program.


Bennett said he supports the current amount of early voting, and opposes further reductions.


APN has raised several concerns about J. Max Davis, including his support for creating the City of Brookhaven in the first place; his costly and lamentable crusade against the Pink Pony nightclub; and several ethical issues involving an alleged sexual harassment incident, alleged retaliation against a witness, and an alleged cover-up.




Given the choices, Bennett is the more progressive choice.



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