Land underlying Manuel’s Tavern Being Sold, Redevelopment Planned


manuels(APN) ATLANTA — The 1.6 acreage of land underlying Manuel’s Tavern–a historic watering hole for politicians, especially Democratic ones; reporters; political junkies; community activists; and locals for the almost sixty years–is being sold to Green Street Properties.


The Maloof family has owned and operated the tavern–located at the corner of North Highland and North Avenue–all these years.


While Green Street Properties will be the new landlord, the tavern will still be owned and run by Brian Maloof with a long-term lease


“The tavern will stay where it is and as it is.  The building has some structural problems that will be fixed.  Some of the systems that will get upgrades are the electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems,” Angelo Fuster, media spokesperson for Manuel’s Tavern, told Atlanta Progressive News.


The refurbishing of the building will ensure that Manuel’s Tavern will continue to serve the community for many years to come.


The deal is part of a partnership to renovate the building and develop a neighborhood of mixed-use projects on the surrounding property currently used for the Tavern’s parking.  The new development will include residential and street level retail with parking interior to the development.


Renovations on the 108 year-old building will start in early 2016.  The inside look and feel of the Tavern, which patrons love, will be preserved, as well as the outside.


It will be closed for several months during the renovation.


The Tavern already has some solar cells on the roof and plans to add as many solar cell as possible later.


The rooftop chicken coop that supplies the organic eggs for breakfast dishes will also remain.



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