Perdue, Wilson, Loudermilk Prevail in 2014 Primary Run-off Elections


(APN) ATLANTA — on Tuesday, July 22, 2014, Georgians voted in the 2014 General Primary Run-off and General Nonpartisan Run-off Elections.







In the U.S. Senate Republican Primary Run-off, David Perdue, cousin of former Gov. Sonny Perdue (R), squeezed by with 50.88 percent of the vote, to U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) 49.12 percent.  Kingston was a favorite with the Tea Party.  Perdue will face Democrat Michelle Nunn, a centrist; and Libertarian Amanda Swafford in the General Election on November 04, 2014.



In the Republican State School Superintendent Run-off, Richard Woods also squeezed by with a very narrow margin of 50.09 percent to Michael Buck 49.91 percent.



In the Democratic State School Superintendent Run-off, Valarie Wilson won with 54.62 percent to State Rep. Alisha Thomas Morgan (D-Austell) 45.62 percent.  Wilson will face off with Woods in November.






In the U.S. House Representative District 1 Republican Run-off, State Sen. ‘Buddy’ Carter (R-Poolsville) won with 53.81 percent and Robert Johnson received 46.19 percent.  



On the Democratic side, Democrat Brian Corwin Reese won with 63.09 percent and Amy Tavio received 36.91 percent.  Carter will face Reese in November.



In U.S. House Representative District 10 Republican Run-off, Jody Hice won with 54.32 percent; Mike Collins 45.68 percent.



In U.S. House Representative District 11 Republican Run-off, State Sen. Barry Loudermilk (R-Cassville) won with 66.06 percent; former U.S. Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) received 33.94 percent.






In State Senate, District 8 Run-off, Republican Ellis Black won with 50.44 percent; John Page 49.56 percent.



In State Senate, District 9 Run-off, Republican P.K. Martin won with 52.98 percent; Michael Beaudreau 47.02 percent.



In State Senate, District 16 Run-off, Republican  M.H. “Marty” Harbin won with 59.63 percent; David Studdard 40.37 percent.



In State Senate, District 22 Run-off, Democrat Harold Jones won with 60.99 percent; Corey Johnson 39.01 percent.



In State Senate, District 27 Run-off,  Republican Michael Williams won with 66.18 percent while incumbent State Sen. Jack Murphy (R-Cumming) received 33.82 percent.






In State Representative, District 1 Run-off, Republican, incumbent John Deffenbaugh won with 55.05 percent; Robert Goff 44.95 percent.



In State Representative, District 22 Run-off, Republican Wesley Cantrell won with 68.64 percent; Meagan Biello 31.36 percent.  Cantrell has no Democratic challenger in the November General Election.



In State Representative, District 54 Run-off, Republican Beth Beskin won with 84.00 percent; John McCloskey 16.00 percent.   While McCloskey appeared on the ballot, he had endorsed Beskin following the Primary Election.  Beskin, who challenged State Sen. Horacena Tate (D-Atlanta) in the 2010 General Election, will face Democrat Bob Gibeling and independent Bill Bozarth in November.



Bozarth has successfully gained access to the ballot as an independent through the petitioning process, a rare feat in Georgia.



In State Representative, District 112 Run-off,, Republican D.C. “Dave” Belton won with 50.95 percent; Aaron Brooks 49.05 percent.



In State Representative, District 153 Run-off, Democrat Darrel Ealum won with 52.13 percent; Carol Hood Fullerton 47.87 percent.






Superior Court Judge, Atlanta Circuit (Wright), Jane Barwick won with 62.56 percent; Shelitha Robertson 37.44 percent.



Superior Court Judge, Cobb Circuit (Bodiford), Ann Harris won with 61.67 percent; Juanita Pierson Stedman 38.33 percent.



Superior Court Judge, Conasauga Circuit (Blevins), Jim Wilbanks won with 59.95 percent and incumbent David Blevins received 40.05 percent.



Superior Court Judge, Tallapoosa Circuit (Sutton), Meng Lim won with 61.73 percent; Charles Morris, Jr. 38.27 percent.  






Fulton County Commission Democratic Run-off, District 5, Marvin Arrington, Jr., won with 60.01 percent; former Atlanta Public Schools Board of Education member Brenda Muhammad received 39.99 percent.



City of Johns Creek City Council P4 Special Run-off, Bob Gray won with 57.61 percent; Eric Fragoso 42.39 percent.



City of Johns Creek City Council P6 Special Run-off, Steve Broadbent won with 66.14 percent; Nancy Reinecke 33.86 percent.  Broadbent previously ran for Fulton County Chairman as the Republican nominee in 2010, and previously ran for the Johns Creek City Council.



City of Roswell Municipal Court Judge Special Run-off, Brian Hansford won with 59.58 percent; Melanie Ellwanger 40.42 percent.






Special Election for DeKalb Sheriff Run-off, incumbent Jeff Mann won easily with 76.36 percent; former DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones 23.64 percent.



Board of Education D3 Run-off, incumbent Michael Erwin won with 58.85 percent; Atticus Leblanc 41.19 percent.



Board of Education D4 Run-off, incumbent Jim McMahan (District 4) won with 57.57 percent and incumbent Karen Carter (District 8) received 42.43 percent.



Board of Education D5 Run-off, Vickie Turner won with 59.74 percent and incumbent Thad Mayfield received 40.26 percent.


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