APD Officer Still on Force after DUI; Rape Indictment (UPDATE 1)



(APN) ATLANTA — An Atlanta Police officer who was charged with rape in 2008; who reportedly, as part of the incident, admitted to having sex with his neighbor despite the fact that she said no; and had a subsequent charge of Driving while Under the Influence (DUI) in 2009, is still on the force, Atlanta Progressive News has learned.



Despite numerous warning signs, the Atlanta Police Department chose to keep Edward Rabb, on the force for several years, including in the capacities of REDDOG officer and Vice Unit officer.






In 2008, Rabb was indicted by a Grand Jury for raping his neighbor, according to numerous news reports.  The charges included aggravated sodomy, sodomy, rape, sexual battery, kidnapping, and false imprisonment, according to the Clayton News Daily.  Rabb lived in Rex, Georgia, in Clayton County, at the time, while working in Atlanta.



Rabb’s neighbor had gone to use his shower because her hot water heater was not working.



“After that shower, the woman said she tried to leave and that’s when the assault happened.  According to the police report, she said she told Rabb to stop and that it wasn’t what she wanted but he raped her and used police maneuvers to restrain her,” WSBTV Channel 2 reported at the time.



“Rabb… allegedly also admitted that the woman said, ‘no,’” the News Daily reported, adding “He told Clayton County Police detectives that he ignored her objection to sex, because she was ‘shy’ and ‘had low self-steem [sic].’  He allegedly told police the woman probably thought she was overweight, but he said he told her he ‘liked his women like that.’”



Afterward, the woman told police, he cleaned up “as if he was cleaning up evidence of a crime,” the News Daily reported.



At the time he was placed on administrative leave with pay, according to Channel 2’s report.  


“He could lose his job after a hearing with the police chief,” Channel 2 reported.



But that was not the end of Rabb’s problems involving the criminal justice system.



Although the District Attorney’s office decided not to take the case to court, according to a 2009 report by CBS Atlanta, Rabb was arrested again for DUI and improper lane change.



“He was arrested for drinking and driving.  Reports show he blew an initial .18, more than twice the legal limit.  Police reports show his ‘eyes were blood shot and watery, and he had urinated on himself,’” CBS Atlanta reported at the time.



According to arrests.org, the arrest took place on March 08, 2009, at the corner of Cumberland Boulevard and Cumberland Parkway in Cobb County.



Rabb was also a Defendant in the 2009 Atlanta Eagle Raid lawsuit.



It is not immediately clear why the APD allowed Rabb to stay on the force for so long, despite his DUI and his reported admission to initiating nonconsensual sex with his neighbor [commonly known as rape].






EDITOR’S NOTE: APN decided to publish this story because we believe our readers, many of whom live in Atlanta, have a right to know of the public safety concerns stemming from the information contained herein.  We believe that this is a matter of public interest and public significance, is newsworthy, involves public safety, and involves an ongoing public investigation.

UPDATE 1: APN decided to retract certain information in this story at the request of a medical provider.  This story, however, is still developing.  Stay tuned for updates.

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