Ricardo Mosby Uses Free Computer to Entice Voters in District 9


(APN) ATLANTA — Ricardo Mosby, the candidate backed by Mayor Kasim Reed in the District 9 Atlanta City Council race, has been using the promise of a free computer to entice voters, Atlanta Progressive News has learned.



Last Saturday, October 19, 2013 Mosby held a Family Fun day at his Campaign Headquarters, where he gave away a free computer in an apparent attempt to entice voters.



Mosby admitted giving away the free computer today in a conversation with APN.



It was “just one resident” who got a free computer, he said.



“We collaborated with a nonprofit organization,” he said, referring to an organization associated with a friend of his who “gets computers, he refurbishes them.  His goal to get them into the homes of underprivileged children.”



“We had a raffle and a giveaway.  It wasn’t like we’re bribing people for votes or anything like that,” he said.



When asked if he understood why it might look like he’s trying to buy votes, he replied, “No, I do not see why it would be buying votes because it was not my computer.”



Mosby admitted, however, that the computer was given away at a campaign event that was pre-publicized and organized by his campaign, and that was held at his campaign headquarters.



“I don’t need to buy votes,” Mosby said.



Mosby–no relation to State Rep. Howard Mosby (D-DeKalb)–is largely unknown, but he is being backed by Mayor Reed, who is apparently funneling significant resources to Mosby through a political action committee, in Reed’s attempt to unseat Councilwoman Felicia Moore.



Moore has been an outspoken critic of many of Reed’s policy initiatives–ranging from the airport contracts to the stadium to Reed’s initial pension reform proposal–and is the second-most progressive member of the Council, according to the APN Atlanta City Councilmember Scorecard.



Reed and business leaders have formed a political action committee called Continue Atlanta’s Progress to support certain candidates for Atlanta City Council and Board of Education, according to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution newspaper’s subscription-only website.



Beneficiaries of Reed’s dollars include several incumbents: Carla Smith (District 1), Cleta Winslow (District 4), Natalyn Archibong (District 5), and Aaron Watson (Post 2-at-large).  Reed is also supporting one challenger: Mr. Mosby.



According to Moore, Reed and/or CAP have apparently been funneling significant monetary investments into the District 9 race.



Moore says she is up against an all-out campaign blitz targeting her, including canvassing, phonebanking, mailers, yard signs, and robocalls on behalf of Mosby.



There are Mosby yard signs that proclaim: “No Moore!”



Mosby finally filed his late disclosure today, and reported 11,700 dollars raised for the period that ended on September 30, 2013.  Mosby said he attempted to file by mail but his report was rejected because reports over 5,000 dollars must be filed online.



The disclosure includes donations from airport concessionaire Mack Wilbourn, but no donations from Reed or CAP.  



Mosby said he has received money from CAP that will be reported in his October 2013 disclosure, and that he believes he also received a separate contribution from the Kasim Reed for Mayor campaign.



Mosby declined to say how much he raised since September 30, saying he did not know for sure and did not want to speculate.



Moore says that robocalls have accused her of not doing anything about blight or vacant properties in District 9.



“It’s not true,” Moore said of Mosby’s claims.



“I’ve done the same thing that any Councilmember has done, and that is attempt to get the code enforcement department to be involved.  In many cases, I’ve gone to court and have been actively working to get the issues addressed.  They number into the thousands,” Moore said.



“He [Mosby] just sent a [mailer including a] picture of a blighted property that has many tires on it.  I’ve done many news stories on that property with community people.  There’s someone attempting to buy the property for a senior facility,” Moore said.



“Code enforcement is not moving fast enough for the whole city, not just my district.  I’ve done a lot.  The Administration has to make it priority, and the Council has to make it a priority, and we have to fund it so we can demolish and clean and close these properties,” Moore said.



Moore told APN that Mosby appears to have been trying to buy votes through the computer giveaway, but that she did not believe it would be effective.



“He has to find a way to bring attention to himself because he hasn’t done anything in the community,” Moore said.



“The Mayor is spending boatloads of money over here.  I’m just surprised at the level or the amount of money that’s being spent.  He’s obsessed with trying to get me out of office,” Moore said.




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