Four New Candidates in Atlanta Council Races



(APN) ATLANTA — In recent weeks, four new candidates have filed notices of their intent to run for seats on the City Council of Atlanta, Atlanta Progressive News can reveal.

First, Andre Dickens, a community outreach director at the Georgia Institute of Technology, has entered the race for the Post 3-at-large seat currently held by Councilman Lamar Willis.  

As previously reported by APN, Shelitha Robertson, who challenged Willis and almost unseated him in 2009, is still running for that seat and has filed a notice of intent for 2013.

It appears that former State Rep. Ralph Long, who at one point was considering running for the Post 3-at-large seat [as well as the District 12 seat], is no longer planning to run.

Second, Duwon Robinson is running against Felicia Moore (District 9).

Finally, Councilwoman Cleta Winslow (District 4) has picked up two new challengers: Sister DeBorah Williams, who ran against Winslow in 2009; and Shawn Deangelo Walton.


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