Rep. Kaiser May Run for Mayor of Atlanta in 2017


(APN) ATLANTA — State Rep. Margaret Kaiser (D-Atlanta) may run for Mayor of Atlanta in 2017, Atlanta Progressive News has learned.

Two individuals who supported Mary Norwood in her 2009 race told APN that they have been encouraging Kaiser–who supported Norwood in 2009–to run.  However, Kaiser tells APN that the earliest she would run is 2017.

“I’ve been in conversation with a lot of folks about City of Atlanta goings on.  My mother’s the Mayor of Athens.  She said she would like to see me do what she does in Atlanta,” Kaiser said.

“I’m a Democrat, I’ve been raised as a Democrat, I believe in working family values.  I also as a small business owner understand the reality.  I’m more pragmatic than just towing the party line,” Kaiser said.

“If I do run for Mayor, I want an open-door policy.  The way I represent my district, I believe in being very accessible.  I don’t believe in people putting their elected officials on a pedestal that they don’t have access to them,” Kaiser said.

“People have my cell number, they have my home number, my office number.  They know how to reach me, I’m very responsive.  Even if it’s not a state issue, I’ll help them navigate the government,” Kaiser said.

“I’m in a community that’s been fighting for sidewalks for a very long time.  There’s a lot of quality of life issues that need to be addressed in the City of Atlanta,” Kaiser said.

“I’m staying open to everything.  I don’t know how much longer I’d like to serve in the Legislature, it’s a frustrating place to be,” Kaiser said, referring to the fact that the Republican Party is one seat short of a supermajority in the State House and already has a supermajority in the State Senate.

“I have entertained the idea.  My husband would love for me to do it,” Kaiser said.

“2013 will not be on the table.  Unless the seat became an open seat – I wouldn’t have any desire to run against the current mayor,” Kaiser said, adding that she needs to spend time with her children while they are still in school.

Rep. Kaiser was elected to the State House of Representatives in 2006, unseating former State. Rep. Douglas Dean (D-Atlanta).

As far as the 2013 Mayoral race, two candidates in addition to the incumbent have made themselves known, including activist Al Bartell and chef Paul Luna.