APN Celebrates One Thousand News Articles


(APN) ATLANTA — Upon the recent publication by Atlanta Progressive News of its one thousandth, original full-length news article, APN’s News Editor, Matthew Cardinale, released the following statement:


Dear APN Readers,

I’m writing to share with you that Atlanta Progressive News has reached a significant milestone, the publication of our one-thousandth original, full-length news article.

Upon this occasion, I have taken the opportunity to look back over all one thousand news articles to make a listing of all of the storylines that we have covered over a six and a half year period, from November 2005 to April 2012.

That list is a bit lengthy, so a few remarks before we get into that.

At one point, in 2008, I printed out what was at that time our sixty article series on the public housing demolitions by the Atlanta Housing Authority.  It required a five inch binder just to hold all sixty articles.

And so, if sixty articles take up a five-inch binder, then a thousand articles are the virtual equivalent of two encyclopedias.

If each article is about one thousand words each, then that’s a million words.

And I want to point out something that makes these one thousand articles unique from what many news agencies provide: By virtue of the fact that I have either written or edited all of these articles, the articles carry a consistent editorial direction and style.

One former editor at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution once, in conversation with me, described the editorial process there as “the three blind mice.”  When there are too many cooks in the kitchen, it is easier to lose editorial consistency.

The one thousand APN articles, therefore, do not exist on islands by themselves.  They speak to each other.  They refer back to each other.  We have developed a deep historical record, a free, online historical archive.

I also made a tally of who authored the various articles:

(In alphabetical order by first name.) Alice Gordon (24); Arit Essien (1); Barbara Joye (1); Betty Clermont (13); Bob Goodman (2); Brian Sherman (1); Cheyenne X (12); Craig Washington (1); Douglas Hartley (2); Gloria Tatum (49); Jennifer Sauer (1); Joe Parko (1); Jonathan Springston (228); Kristina Cates (2); Lanine Toote (1); Marko Robinson (1); Matthew Cardinale (639); Nicholas Foster (1); Paul Hays (1); Robert Soloway (2); Sarah Epting (3); Sarah Olson (1); Scott Crutcher (3); Shane Patrick Cunningham (1); Shannell Jefferson (1); Stephen Wing (1); Supraja Narasimhan (1); Susan Keith (3); and Xanna Don’t (3).

I wish I could publish the list of all of our reader/donors – I’ve recently spent some time putting that list together for the last few years.  It’s really remarkable.  APN has been reader-supported since its very inception.  I came to Atlanta in 2005 with a plan to start a news service; no one invited me.  No coalition got together to say ‘this is what we want, if you provide it, we’ll pay for it.’  Instead, the team of writers and others who make up APN got together and provided Metro Atlantans with a independent news service, with the belief that the people of Atlanta would find it valuable enough to pay through donations for a service that’s available online for free.

I want to thank you, all the readers, donors, advertisers, volunteers, and others who have helped us each this milestone.  And now for the list (SEE BELOW)… Thank you again,



Ethics board; Airport concessions (series); Secret vote (series, and pro se lawsuit won in Georgia Supreme Court by APN’s Editor); Parks legislation; Committee chairmanship and membership changes; APN Council Member Scorecard (ongoing); Speaking limits; Re-districting; Council called police on APN Editor; Secret memos (injunction defeated); Clerk Johnson reprimand; Bar hours; Pension debate (series); Watershed nominee, Joann Macrina; Rainwater legislation; Closed-door Committee Briefings; Atlanta Planning Advisory Board; Council opposing APS board replacement law; Mitchell orders security; Elephant protest; Eagle apology to some, not others; Sheperd took PAC money; Developer co-hosted Sheperd party; City Hall East; Beltline Community Benefits legislation; Debi Starnes ethics complaint; Council seeks state action on MARTA; City Hall to be closed on Fridays; Saggy pants ordinance; Free speech zones; Council and public housing demolitions.

Glover to resign; HUD demolition/disposition Section 18 rule change; Alisias PR budget slashed; Shirley Franklins’s national privatization schemes; Council seeks AHA data; displaced seniors died; GSU study; sixty article series on demolitions including three AHA whistleblowers, uncovered fraud, Felicia Moore legislation, resident, association resolutions, demolition applications; opposition to Franklin and Glover as HUD Secretary.

School closures; Ethics board; El resignation predicted; Glover angling for Superintendent?; Reed clique at center of BOE takeover; Revealed Courtney English deception; revealed Alisias conflicts; SACS/AdvancED report; Concerned Black Clergy opposes witchhunt; charter school connection to Board takeover; Community Education Partners lawsuit, scandal, closure.

Faye Coffield case (series); Kemp’s elections council; ballot access legislation; review of ballot access laws; Mary Norwood and other petition efforts.

Troy Davis (series); death penalty drugs confiscated; lethal drug shortage; US Rep. Johnson legislation; DNA exoneree.

Broke story of raid.  More closed meetings involving LGBT Advisory Board, Mayor, APD.  Excluded plaintiff Chris Lopez.  Settlement.  Citizen Review Board investigation and proceedings.  Trial.  BLOCS.  City Council and Eagle.

Benfield retiring from legislature; McKinney running (2012); Municipal Options Sales Tax 2012; HD60 Special Keisha Waites 2012; APS BOE special Byron Amos 2012; Johns Creek – Broadbent versus Raffensperger 2012; Felicia Moore draws challenger for 2013; Milton – Alan Tart loses reelection 2011; E-SPLOST IV 2011; State Sen. Doug Stoner 2012 reelection; Kwabena Nkromo scandals; Sandy Springs special – Gabriel Sterling 2011; Georgia to get 14th district; Fulton County Superior Court judge race 2010; Major Democratic losses, Amendments 1-5, Referendum A (2010); Norwood petitions; Joan Garner versus Keisha Waites 2010; Secretary of State Race 2010; Governor’s race 2010; Sen. Vincent Fort and Graham Balch race 2010; Buzz Brockway, blogger, running; US Rep. Hank Johnson, Vernon Jones, Connie Stokes race 2010; State Senate races 2010; Rev. Kenneth Samuel running for State House; School Superintendent race 2010; US Rep. Barrow and Regina Thomas 2010; 2009 Mayoral race; Jason Carter running for State Senate; 2009 Council races and run-offs; 2009 mayoral race contribution analysis; Lisa borders and Tom Bell; Kasim Reed and Cracker Barrel; Norwood’s Republican ties; race memo; 2008 US Senate race; 2008 Presidential election, including McKinney’s Green run; 2008 ballot initiatives; 2008 Congressional races; broke story of Able Mable challenging US Rep. Lewis 2008; 2008 DNC delegates; GA officials split of Pres. endorsements; 2008 Presidential candidates on health care; 2006 Allan Burns challenges US Rep. Linder; 2006 Johnson defeats McKinney; 2006 SOS candidate Holcomb funded by Choicepoint President’s wife; Lewis supports Johnson, not McKinney; Rep. Nan Orrock running for State Senate; Angela Moore and her rapper; Gore may run for President in 2008; 2006 Lt. Gov’s race; 2006 candidates debate immigration in East Cobb; Compucredit and Ralph Reed; Majette and Harrell running for School Superintendent.

Attorney General ignored Environmental Protection Division; Nuclear power (series); Mercury pollution EPA rule; Solar tower; Coal plant closures; PSC and nuclear power debate; aquaponic system; CO2 EPA hearings; SWEET center; PSC sticks it to ratepayers; Sandy Springs church solar panels; gas pipeline blast; Atlanta drinking water issues; energy firms blocking solar in South; recycling; nuclear loan guarantees criticized; Coal Plant Washington advances; mountaintop removal; anti-nuclear arrests in Virginia extensive review of nuclear power draft environmental impact statement; anti-nuclear arrests in Tennessee; United Way questioned on nuclear bomb plant support.

Declines to limit campaign contributions; bullhook ban on elephants; mental health clinic changes; Grady Hospital.

Transgender victory – Vandy Beth Glenn; Outwrite closing; Dave Walker rant; Rep. Rashad Taylor comes out; Phillip Rush Center; same-sex marriage rallies; 2007 veterans’ march applications denied; chat with former Gov. James McGreevey; homophobic protests at Outwrite; Sharpton seeks Black church and GLBTQI dialogue; new Stonewall Democrats chapter.

Dialysis clinic closure (series); community clinic closures; open records dispute by Jack Jersawitz; State Department review of dialysis situation; new CEO meets activists; Grady low-income care cuts protested; privatization debate (series).

Parts of Georgia law thrown out; role of prison lobbyists; undocumented students arrested; rallies; 287(g) abuses; chat with US Rep. Gutierrez; immigration prisons protest; gigantic rallies of 2006.

SB 469 (2012); Crossover day 2012; solar power bill 2012; HB 397 (2012); Prison reform 2012; Drug test legislation 2012; HOPE reforms – 2011; Immigration 2011; Sales tax on groceries opposed 2011; Proposal to deny birthright citizenship 2011; nine party-switchers 2010; T-SPLOST proposed 2010; State budget 2010; bill to ban racial profiling 2010; bill to ban aggressive military recruitment 2010; 2010 preview; SB 57 mortgage legislation (2010); 2009 wrap-up; 2008 Poor People’s day; Trauma care funding rally 2009; death penalty moratorium legislation 2009; nuclear power layaway 2009; lobbying for green jobs, against coal removal 2009; 2008 wrap-up; split jury death penalty verdict measure fails 2008; State resolutions address public transit and Tax allocation districts 2008; two Grady hospital related resolutions eyewitness ID legislation; launch of working families caucus; 2007 Poor People’s day.

Ongoing coverage of rallies, movement to legalize, herbal incense (synthetic cannabinoid) crisis in Atlanta.

Creative Loafing firings; Atlanta Daily World sold; FCC panel; People TV struggle to stay open; AJC whitewashing out existing of competitors; AJC/WSB Cross-marketing plan; Maynard Eaton lied; Beacon ceases publication; Stephanie Ramage hired by City; Sunday Paper closes; Atlanta Free Press ceases publication; AFP Writer Zack Hudson lied, quits; Southern Voice closes; AJC misleads on Norwood; Atlanta Unfiltered launched; Rise and fall and conflicts of interests of GONSO; Bankruptcy, exodus at Creative Loafing; Andre Walker, political blogger on payrolls; Green 1640 AM; Great Speckled Bird 40th anniversary party; WRFG Tower of Power; Atlanta Voice publisher is AHA redeveloper; The Story ends publication;  Amy Goodman blasts corporate media during visit; feature on Great Speckled Bird.

State Sen. Robert Brown; Martina Correia; Pat Chapman; Larry Collins; Rep. Billy McKinney; Becky Blankenship; Errin Vuley; Marilyn Clement; Allen Thornell; James Orange; Ron Parker; Ebon Dooley.

Occupy Atlanta (series); Tea Party alliance; Decatur Wal-mart opposed; Emory arrests student; National Defense Authorization Act; Stewart detention arrests; Food Not Bombs; Ray McGovern speech; September 11, 2001, questions linger; Emory arrests; Rally remembering dr king’s murder; anti-war rallies; persistent contrails; Egyptian solidarity; FBI raid of dorm room; Millen prison groundbreaking arrest; Wikileaks rally; SOA protest infiltrated;  Lumpkin protest; four arrested at Regents’ ban on undocumented immigrants; US-Russia treaty and WAND; Colonly Square peace rally turns eight years; family of fallen soldier fights foreclosure; protest of Israel attack on Gaza; protesters turn back on Gen. Petraeus back at Georgia Tech; US Rep. Johnson meeting on health care; US Social Forum led to World of Coca Cola protest; Honey Baked Ham protesters prevail in court; Ann Wright visit; bomb production; Wells Fargo protesters; health care rallies, town halls, actions; forum on Iran; Atlanta-Honduras rally; Free Shifa trial; DeKalb Marine school; Tom Coffin arborist suit; global peace walk; Emory anti-Palestinian chalkings; Iraq and Afghanistan veterans’ issues; shoes thrown at Bush effigy; sixty years of universal human rights; Rick Warren to visit Atlanta, disagreement over protest tactics; McKinney on boat to Israel rammed; bailout protests, US Rep. Lewis removes name from Iran resolution; Walk for Water; anti-war grannies arrested trying to enlist; US Social forum (daily coverage) and People’s Assembly; movement for impeachment of Bush (series); tasering of Florida student; wiretapping; movement for censure of Bush Administration officials; US Government Training Clergy to Quell Dissent in Martial Law; Lewis, Johnson, Scott say no more Iraq funding; Cindy Sheehan to run against Pelosi; chat with US Rep. Bob Filner on impeachment; chat with US Rep. Dennis Kucinich on impeachment; Ft. Stewart soldier blogger objects, goes AWOL; minimum wage increase tied to Iraq funding; SOA closure amendment in US House; IMPEACH spelled with candles at intersection; FY08 budget funds Iraq occupation into 2009; Common Sense budget amendment gets 81 House votes; Lewis, Johnson split on Iraq; Gonzales nixed inquiry into own conduct at DOJ; SOA closure bill; Bush indictment drafted by former prosecutor; Atlanta SOA protester gets 100 days in federal prison; Atlanta peace activists storm DC; World Can’t Wait rally; Department of Peace conference in Atlanta; Bush protested during Atlanta visit; Colony Square peace rally celebrates four years; youth rally for impeachment; Iraq veterans work on campaigns; Piedmont Park peace rally of 2006; Rumsfeld protest; Wolfowitz protest; 2006 universal health care events; soldiers led peace movement, film says; McKinney police scuffle Rosa Parks memorial peace rally; parents oppose release of student info to military recruiters; Georgia Progressive Summit 2006; Pentagon spied on concerned peace moms; wiretapping probe; Gonzales lied.


North Fulton mayors oppose Beltline; T-SPLOST project list (series); Beltline deception to Council; Beltline and gentrification; streetcar and gentrification; Clayton seeks to join MARTA; Beltline displaces gym; MARTA cuts; CTRAN closes; MARTA fare increases, cuts opposed; advocates’ regional transportation planning; activists defeat paratransit fare changes MARTA riders’ union; MARTA switches to Breeze cards.

Suit over voter registration; North Fulton cities lawsuit; E-voting blank votes problem; Court: E-vote at your own risk, ongoing court challenges; E-voting questions linger over 2002 Cleland loss; vote flipping reports in US 2008; Handel’s voter purge, court intervention; Diebold added patch in 2002; voting flipping report in GA 2006; Donzella James E-voting challenge; Cathy Cox violated voter rights; USDOJ opposed Voter ID; Black caucus boycotts MLK event over Voter ID.


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