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FCC Panel in Atlanta Examines the Future of Media

(APN) ATLANTA — US Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioners Michael J. Copps and Mignon Clyburn, hosted a forum at Georgia Tech on Information Needs of Atlanta, on December 01, 2011. About two hundred people including a dozen from Occupy Atlanta came to hear the Commissioners and the panelists discuss the state of Atlanta’s media and […]

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Atlanta Likely to Fund People TV for Another Year

  (APN) ATLANTA — The City Council of Atlanta appears likely to approve a funding measure to extend the life of People TV, an Atlanta public access channel, for one year. The Finance/Executive Committee unanimously approved the funding last week, at the November 30, 2011, meeting. The proposed ordinance would transfer 180,000 dollars from the non-departmental budget for public access […]

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AJC Continues Whitewashing Existence of Other Media

  (APN) ATLANTA — The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper appears to be engaging in a strategy of whitewashing the existence of other news outlets, except when it serves their purposes to mention them. Previously, Atlanta Progressive News revealed a Cox Media memo which defined the competition as everyone who was not either the AJC, WSB Channel 2, or WSB radio. Since […]

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Martina Correia, 1967-2011, !Presente!

  (APN) ATLANTA — Martina Correia, the sister of Troy Davis who was his strongest advocate, has succumbed to breast cancer. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago and given six months to live at that time, but she fought to stay alive so that she could fight for her brother, Troy, to stay alive. “We were […]

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Angela Brown Attack Mailer Distorts APN Interview

(APN) ATLANTA — A mailer attacking Angela Brown, candidate for Atlanta Public Schools Board of Education District 2, was received by voters throughout District 2 in recent days.  It states “She says she wants Atlanta school children to cross dress,” completely misrepresenting Brown’s interview with Atlanta Progressive News. The mailer includes quotes from Brown’s interview with APN in which APN […]

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(IPS) State Sen. Albers Discusses Welfare Drug Test Legislation

A shorter version of this article appeared first on Inter-Press Service’s website at: ATLANTA, Georgia, U.S., Nov 30, 2011 (IPS) – At least 36 states across the U.S. are proposing laws that would require applicants for and recipients of a variety of public aid programs to undergo drug testing in which they would have to provide a urine sample. […]

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