Task Force for the Homeless Sues Emory University


(APN) ATLANTA — The Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless has sued Emory University and Emory Healthcare for allegedly engaging in a conspiracy to sabotage the shelter, according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by Atlanta Progressive News.

The case, 11A39185-5 is filed in the State Court of DeKalb County.  The complaint was filed on Tuesday, October 11, 2011.

As previously reported by APN, the Task Force already has one lawsuit against Manny Fialkow, Central Atlanta Progress, the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District, and other entities in Fulton County Superior Court.

The Task Force also has a federal lawsuit against the City for also participating in the conspiracy to sabotage the shelter.  A federal judge ruled against the Task Force’s claims against the City in recent weeks, relying mostly on the theory of the City’s sovereign immunity.  The Task Force is appealing that ruling.

The Task Force also has a complaint with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The suit against Emory is prepared by attorney Mark Murray.

As previously reported by APN, the Task Force had been considering suing Emory for some time.  Facts regarding Emory’s alleged participation in the conspiracy–which the Task Force says came to light during the discovery process in the other suits–were previously sealed as part of mediation efforts between the Task Force, Emory, and other parties, which fell through.

The filing also includes several discovery requests by the Task Force for Emory.

“In March of 2011, the Task Force obtained information which revealed that, immediately following the Task Force’s occupancy of the Peachtree Pine facility in 1997, Emory and/or Emory Healthcare initiated efforts to interfere with the business operations of the Task Force and dislodge the Task Force from the
Peachtree Pine building.  Prior to March of 2011, the Task Force was unaware of this conduct on the part of Emory and/or Emory Healthcare,” the lawsuit states.

The Task Force sits across the street from Emory Healthcare, and the Task Force has previously said that the hospital has complained of homeless people from the shelter coming over to the hospital cafeteria, even when they wanted to make purchases of something to eat.

Emory spokeswoman Elaine Justice did not immediately return a voicemail seeking comment.


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