GA House Cmte Approves Sunday Alcohol Sales Bill


The State House version of legislation to allow cities and counties to decide whether to permit the sale of alcohol on Sundays at stores, HB 69, was approved by the House Regulated Industries Cmte earlier today.

As previously noted on this blog, a similar bill passed a State Senate Cmte last week.  Gov. Nathan Deal has said he’ll sign the legislation.

The bill approved today–an amended version of HB 69–would allow communities to ask voters to decide if they want to allow Sunday sales after 12:30 p.m.  It originally only permitted beer and wine sales but was amended to include liquor in areas that already permit the sale of spirits, according to WSB-TV Channel 2 news.

Georgia, Connecticut, and Indiana are the only three states which currently ban the Sunday sale of alcohol in stores.

The co-sponsors of HB 69 include State Reps. Roger Williams, Chuck Martin, Allen Peake, Amos Anderson, Don Parsons, and Earl Ehrhart.

Williams is Chairman of the Cmte.  He told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper that he plans to push forward for a vote of the full House, despite the fact that the State Senate has stalled moving its version to the floor for a vote.

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