Mike Berlon New DPG Chair for 2011-15, Nikema Williams Vice Chair (UPDATE 1)


The Democratic Party of Georgia has elected new leadership.  Mike Berlon has been elected Chair.  Nikema Williams has been elected Vice Chair.

RJ Hadley has been elected Vice Chair of County Parties.  This is nice recognition for Hadley, who was the only one running for US Senate until Mike Thurmond got in the race.

Miguel Camancho has been elected Vice Chair of Candidate Recruitment.  Lavern Gaskins has been elected Secretary.  Russell Edwards has been elected Treasurer. 

State Rep. Pedro Marin has been elected fourth Vice Chair.

Blog for Democracy did a live blog of the whole affair.  BFD had also had an opinion poll before the vote and I received a text message from one candidate asking me to go vote in the poll [I did].  Only state Committee Members can vote for the state leadership in the actual election, though.

At least one North Fulton Democrat is not pleased with the selection of a new Chair.  She had attempted to nominate Darryl Hicks but was not allowed to because she’s not a state committee member.

“Carol Porter’s nomination of an ethically challenged, morally bankrupt candidate for Chair of the State Party was bad enough. But when she then blocked me from nominating another candidate, she displayed her true colors. I regret supporting her campaign for Lt. Governor and wish Isaac and I could get our donations back. Turns out she’s no different, no better than the candidate she ran against,” Anne Bartoletti wrote on Facebook.

“The really sad thing is, most people who voted for Mike don’t know what he is capable of. But Carol knows, and she lied through her teeth — just like I have seen Mike do many, many times. She was like a Pied Piper. Corruption at the top doesn’t bode well,” Bartoletti added.

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