SACS Reviewing Board Conflict, Alisias Ties


APN spoke with a representative from SACS, the school accreditation agency which is investigating Atlanta Public Schools, shortly before the holiday break.  And they revealed that they are investigating both the board conflict, and the ties between the Board majority and Alisias, a pro-privatization PR firm whose work for the majority was allegedly on behalf of privatization advocate Glenn Delk. 

The SACS will release their report within 30 days of completing their investigation.  Shortly before the holidays, School Board Vice Chair Cecily Harsch-Kinnane told APN that Board members had been interviewed in recent days and that one of the topics SACS was asking them about was Alisias. 

Previously, APN reported extensively on the ties between the APS Board Majority, Alisias, and Delk.  These ties have since raised the concern of the Concerned Black Clergy and community activists such as Joe Beasley, Aaron Turpeau, and Rev. Timothy McDonald.

It is a common misperception that SACS is investigating APS because of the cheating scandal; that is not so.  They became involved because of the board infighting, takeover, and lawsuit. 

When SACS releases their report, it will be available to the public.

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