Sheperd Appointed Council President Pro Tempore


Councilwoman Joyce Sheperd (District 12) has been appointed President Pro Tempore of the City Council of Atlanta, which means she will preside over meetings in Council President Ceasar Mitchell’s absence.

Foris Webb III, Deputy Clerk, explained to APN how Sheperd was selected…

It is a rotating position, where each Council Member serves one year, in ascending order of Council districts.  However, if a Council Member is new, they are skipped; and if they’ve served as Pro Tempore before, they are skipped.

Last year, Mitchell announced that Alex Wan (District 6) would have been PPT, but he had just been elected, so the position was given to Howard Shook (District 7).

This year, Yolanda Adrean (District 8) was new, Felicia Moore and CT Martin (Districts 9 and 10) had served as PPT before, and Keisha Bottoms (District 11) was new, so the position was given to Sheperd (District 12).

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