The Blog is Back!!!


Hey everybody, it’s me, Matthew.  So, after unveiling the integrated APN blog last year along with the brand new revamped website APN 3.0, the blog operated for a few weeks and then stagnated.  Blogging is hard, you guys!  Especially when I’ve been focusing so much of my efforts of producing and/or editing about two hundred full-length, original news articles in the last year.  

But so much news and information has been slipping through our fingertips because not everything that happens deserves an eight hundred word news article!  And given our limited resources, we are not able to follow the twists and turns as well of certain news stories which require more frequent updates, if we only produce long-form articles.

So, those are the reasons for blogging, which we already knew.  The point is, with today marking the New Year of 2012, we are using this as an excuse to start blogging again.  In addition, we expect to start posting content to our additional content sections – OpEds and Youtube Videos.  Enjoy!  MCC

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