Despite Lee’s Claim, Fulton Democrats Deny Offering Support


(APN] ATLANTA — Kelly Amanda Lee, a candidate for Fulton County Superior Court Judge, appears to have made a misleading statement in an interview with Atlanta Progressive News.

Lee had claimed that she received the support of the Fulton County Democratic Party, in addition to the support of the Fulton County GOP.

Numerous sources familiar with the matter had been skeptical that the Fulton County Democratic Party would have supported Lee.

Yesterday, Nikema Williams, 1st Vice Chair of the FCDP, told APN in a phone interview that the Party had not offered its support to Lee “in any way, shape, or form.”

Williams said that the FCDP’s by-laws prevent them from getting involved in nonpartisan races.  “So unlike, when the Democratic Party of Georgia got involved in the Atlanta Mayoral race, the Fulton County Democratic Party didn’t get involved in that.”

APN had contacted Lee to comment for an article concerning the Fulton County GOP’s use of its offices, resources, and members to do phonebanking for Lee.  Lee responded by saying that she had received the support of both the Fulton GOP and the FCDP and that she thought that was indicative of the kind of nonpartisan race she wanted to run.

APN asked whether Lee specifically meant the FCDP or whether she meant the Democratic Party of Georgia, and she confirmed she meant the FCDP.

When asked what type of support the FCDP was offering, Lee said that when she received the offer, she had put the Party in touch with her campaign manager to determine what type of support they could provide.

Williams said that she had asked throughout the Party, and that no one had any idea where Lee would have gotten the notion that the Party was supporting her.

In its previous coverage of this election, APN reported that Lee was convicted of two charges of Driving while Under the Influence and two speeding tickets.

Lee faces Shelitha Robertson in a Run-off Election Tuesday, November 30, 2010.

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