Tipster: Labor Department of Georgia Prohibits Watching Inauguration


This reporter received a complaint from an employee of Adjudication Claims division of Disability which would warrant some comment by readers.

On January 20th employees of the Social Security Disability Claims wanted to use their lunch break to watch the inaugural parade, the tipster, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

The Director Mickey Alberts waited until Thursday January 15th to say the Department of Labor would not allow this, they said. If the employees wished to stay home they could take annual leave to do this.

The Department of Transportation another state branch of government showed the inauguration, APN has learned, according to a DOT employee familiar with the matter.

According to the tipster, Alberts said DOT’s legal representative worried it could be construed as political activity. However, the election was over and this was the swearing in of the Commander in Chief.

Some irate employees felt this was racial discrimination, partisan politics, and the effects of the creation of an antagonistic attitude toward employees on the part of upper management.

The picture of President Obama has not been placed on the wall at present, five months following the election, the source added.

According to the website “Filing for Disability in Georgia” Georgia turns down 71.8% of claims which is 8.5% more claims than the national average. On reconsideration 12.3% are won, the national average is 15.1%.

Some employees consider that this “culture of denial” is the result of a generally hostile atmosphere in the Department.

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