Take action against US escalation in Afghanistan — and how the US occupation is affecting Afghan women


All indications are that the Obama administration is going to send thousands of additional troops to Afghanistan, creating even more death and destruction in the region.

The Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition is calling for stepped-up vocal and visible opposition to the growing military occupation of Afghanistan. You are urged to call and write your elected officials but also to join GPJC in the streets.

In cooperation with the weekly WAND-sponsored anti-war vigils on Fridays from noon-1pm at Colony Square, 14th and Peachtree, GPJC encourages your participation to raise Afghanistan more prominently with signs and banners opposing any escalation. These Stand for Peace actions are EVERY Friday from noon-1pm.

Many national coalitions and organizations are calling for coordinated responses whenever the announcement is made by President Obama to escalate the number of soldiers in Afghanistan.

In Atlanta, GPJC is initiating a “No Escalation! There Is No Military Solution!  Bring the Troops Home NOW! protest from 4:30-6:30pm the day after the public announcement. Please assemble at Freedom Park, the intersection of Moreland Ave and Freedom Parkway. Bring banners, signs, drums, etc. Similar protests are encouraged at other busy intersections. For more information, go to www.georgiapeace.org

For more about how the existing US troops in Afghanistan have affected the lives (and deaths) of Afghan women, check these articles:

Jodie Foster, “Will Obama listen to the women of Afghanistan?”

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